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When do I need a flood plain permit?

You are required to obtain a flood plain permit before doing any construction in the flood plain.  There are exceptions for certain projects on very small streams. 

PERMT (Permit and Environmental Review Management Tool)
Iowa DNR PERMT website with 24/7 access for your Iowa DNR Flood Plain and Sovereign Lands Permits, BFE Requests, AFO Determinations, and related work. 

Permit and Environmental Review Management Tool (PERMT)
+ PERMIT will help you:
+ Do I need to submit a permit application?
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+ PERMT Limitations:

If you are undertaking a project that may involve construction in an Iowa flood plain, PERMT can help you determine if you need to apply for a state and/or local flood plain permit, and it will also walk you through the permit application submittal process as required.

To request a variance from the rules, complete a Variance Request Form

  • Submit this form in PERMT to request a variance from a specific 567 IAC Chapter 72 approval criteria. 
Project Type Guidance

The permit application must include documentation that your project meets the state's minimum criteria for your project type. Guidance documents for some project types are available to help you document that your project meets the state's criteria. If you need assistance completing your application, email us at floodplain-help@dnr.iowa.gov or call 866-849‐0321. Please note that due to Covid19, you can only leave a message on this phone line at this time.

Are there any other permits that are needed for the project?

Contact your city and county officials to help you determine if any local permits are required.