Section 311-312 Hazardous Chemical Storage Reporting (Tier II)

Environmental Protection Community Right-To-Know Act (EPCRA) Section 311/312 requires facilities that have a material safety data sheet (SDS) for any hazardous chemicals stored or used in the work place above certain quantities to submit an emergency and hazardous chemical inventory form (TIER II) to the SERC, LEPC, and local fire department. The TIER II form is due annually on March 1st. Approximately 500,000 products have SDS forms. 

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Forms, Instructions and Useful Resources

Forms and Instructions Useful Resources
Iowa Tier II On-line Instructions EPA Consolidated List of Chemicals (List of Lists)
EPA Tier II Hardcopy Instructions EPA EPCRA Website
Iowa Tier II Hardcopy Form North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS)
  County Coordinator List (includes if and how they want Tier II reports)


Chemical Security Information

The Department of Homeland Security ensures the security of high-risk chemical facilities through the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS) program.  The CFATS program applies to any facility that manufactures, uses, stores, or distributes certain Chemicals of Interest listed on the CFATS "Appendix A" at or above a specified quantity.

Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards Chemical Security Executive Order 13650 Ammonium Nitrate Security Program
CFATS Fact Sheet - General Executive Order 13650 Fact Sheet Ammonium Nitrate Security Program
CFATS Fact Sheet - Update Executive Order 13650 Best Practices  


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