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Explore Bowhunting

Looking for an Outdoor Skills Program or Activities to supplement your current program?

Explore Bowhunting encompasses outdoor skills used not only to bowhunt, but for anyone seeking a better understanding of the natural world. Explore Bowhunting is a curriculum that teaches students about hunting within a classroom type setting and is the perfect complement to the successful National Archery In Schools Program and Hunter Education program that we have in Iowa.  

Explore Bowhunting hopes to connect students with the outdoors and enhance their encounters within the 23 different activities.   Students will learn a variety of skills that will not only help them become better hunters but develop an overall appreciation for wildlife and nature. 

The Archery Trade Association (ATA) created this curriculum in 2010 with the educator in mind. Easy-to-follow lesson plans, an overflowing equipment kit, media packets and more make this curriculum fun for both the students and the teachers instructing. Review sample lesson plans and student handbooks below to see the fun that awaits you and your students and watch a short video clip on the program. 

Even though the program is called Explore Bowhunting you could call it something else such as Exploring the Outdoors as the curriculum covers such topics as: how to building blinds, how to use calls to lure animals into range, how to judge the distance to a target, how to field dress game animals, how to shoot a bow from different positions and understanding animal ecology - specifically the whitetailed deer.

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Explore Bowhunting
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