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NPDES Stormwater General Permits, Permitting Guidance, 

and Application Forms


All stormwater general permit applications (NOIs) must be accompanied by the following fees:
1 year - $175.00 3 years - $350.00 4 years - $525.00 5 years - $700.00

Stormwater general permit applications (NOIs) may be submitted online at:
Online Stormwater General Permit Application

Please note, any discharge from a facility or construction site that may temporarily degrade an Outstanding National Resource Water or Outstanding State Resource Water is required to be permitted by an individual NPDES permit, as stipulated in 567 Chapter 64 of the Iowa Administrative Code and in the Iowa Antidegradation Implementation Procedure. General permit coverage is not available for these discharges. The list of these waters is located in Appendix B of the Antidegradation Implementation Procedure.