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Iowa's Fishing Report

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How to read our weekly Iowa fishing report

Our weekly fishing report is broken down by counties or regions – Northwest, Northeast, Mississippi River, Southeast and Southwest.

You can check the activity of your favorite lake or stretch of river within each region, including which species are being caught, a rating of the bite (slow, fair, good or excellent), as well as a hot bait or lure pattern.

Fishing reports may include information on stream or river flows (and if it is rising or dropping), ice conditions, depths that fish are biting (watch for trends if this changes), or safety issues like if the water suddenly becomes shallow in spots.

Fishing Podcasts

Each month, Jeff Kopaska of the Iowa DNR and Ross Peterson from KXnO Sports Fanatics get together to talk about fishing opportunities, seasons and events in Iowa and around the Midwest. They are often joined by other DNR staff and guest speakers.

The links below are the podcast recordings of their conversations, and can also be found on the iHeartRadio app.

January 2020 Fishing Report - Great Lakes Salmon

February 2020 Fishing Report - Andy Fales joins us to talk about Boundary Waters fishing, plus local fishing information

March 2020 Fishing Report - Local fishing, plus a conversation with Ben Wallace about Brushy Creek, Storm Lake and Black Hawk Lake

April 2020 Fishing Report - Coronavirus Impacts on Iowa fishing, Minnesota panfish regulations

The Mighty Mississippi River - Kirk Hansen talks about habitat restoration projects on the Mississippi River

May 2020 Fishing Report - Dr. Mark Pegg, Fisheries Ecologist, shares his channel catfish radio telementry research on the Red River of the North; crappie and bluegill fishing hot spots and tips

June 2020 Fishing Report - Clear Lake fishing trip; fishing in community ponds; where to catch Master Angler size fish

July 2020 Fishing Report - Chad Dolan joins us to talk about the science of electrofishing and turtle studies; plus local fishing information

August 2020 Fishing Report -  Jason Schooley from the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation joins us to talk about their assault on the paddlefish record books, and the legend of "the big one" from Okoboji from over a century ago; plus local fishing hot spots. 

September 2020 Fishing Report - Shane Akin joins us to talk about musky fishing on the Iowa Great Lakes; plus local fishing information, river fishing tips and stocking channel catfish in community fishing ponds and lakes across Iowa

October 2020 Fishing Report - Dr. Scott Bonar, professor of natural resources at the University of Arizona, joins us to discuss how climate change is affecting fish and their habitats across the United States and the world; plus fall fish stockings and hot spots for fall fishing

November 2020 Fishing Report -  Robbie Weber, former ISU grad student, joins us to talk about musky and walleye at Big Creek and Brushy Creek; plus community trout stockings and fall river fishing


January 2019 Fishing Report - Jeff Kopaska reports on his fishing trip to Clear Lake, Scott Grummer joins to talk ice fishing opportunities in north central Iowa

February 2019 Fishing Report - Ice fishing opportunities across Iowa

April 2019 Fishing Report - big fish/internet legends from Davenport, how to best handle the fish you are keeping to eat

May 2019 Fishing Report - River monsters (lake sturgeon) below Red Rock, walleyes at Big Creek and Brushy Creek

June 2019 Fishing Report - Free fishing weekend, fish stories from 100 year olds, fish local information, DNR fishing atlas

July 2019 Fishing Report - Pond fishing info, urban fishing opportunities

August 2019 Fishing Report - Summer family fishing trips, how to fish the thermocline

September 2019 Fishing Report - Upcoming Professional Musky Tournament Trail event at Okoboji, with Corey Montgomery

October 2019 Fishing Report - National Musky Tournament and Taneycomo Trout

November 2019 Fishing Report - Pheasant opener, fall sampling at Big Creek and Brushy Creek (big muskies and walleyes), trout stocking and more

December 2019 Fishing Report - Ben Schneider joins us to talk about hunting for reindeer on a remote Alaskan island


January 2018 Fishing Report - Ice fishing safety, ice fishing tips

February 2018 Fishing Report - Lots of ice fishing, Lake Miami by Albia, Littlefield Lake, DNR Fishing atlas, new ponds in Altoona, Fishermen’s Swap Meet

March 2018 Fishing Report - Community fishing atlas, getting ready for open water

April 2018 Fishing Report - Local fishing in Des Moines, trout stocking

May 2018 Fishing Report - Post-sampling information about Big Creek and Brushy Creek, big muskies, community fishing program, Fort Des Moines pond, walleye opener at Okoboji

June 2018 Fishing Report - Free Fishing Weekend, fishing at Prairie Rose and Big Creek, more great spots to fish

July 2018 Fishing Report - What to do with all the high water, how do we fish these conditions

August 2018 Fishing Report - Mick Klemesrud talks about the August Roadside Survey, pheasant hunting, fishing downtown Des Moines, statewide hot spots, fishing for hot weather bluegills

September 2018 Fishing Report - Why there are slot limits, grass carp stocking and fishing

October 2018 Fishing Report - Trout stocking in Iowa, hunting seasons with Mick Klemesrud

November 2018 Fishing Report - Ice fishing outlook for the Iowa Great Lakes with Mike Hawkins

December 2018 Fishing Report - "50 fish" goals from Scott Gritters



November 2017 Fishing Report- How to catch fish when the water cools down, Big Creek and Brushy Creek report, prep for winter ice fishing

December 2017 Fishing Report - Ice fishing information, fishing Christmas gifts


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