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Environmental Laboratory Certification Program

Laboratories reporting environmental data to the IDNR must be certified. The objective of the certification program is to ensure that the results of testing performed are accurate and legally defensible. 

The Iowa DNR certifies laboratories within the State and across the United States for the following environmental programs:

The IDNR is the certifying authority of the laboratories for these environmental programs. The University of Iowa State Hygienic Laboratory (SHL) provides technical support for certification process as the appraisal authority. Lab Cert Contacts

The SHL maintains a comprehensive web site pertaining to the laboratory certification and their other programs. See the following web sites for information on certified laboratories testing services and capabilities and becoming a certified environmental laboratory.  New Methods Fact Sheet 1

Manual for the Certification of Laboratories Analyzing Environmental Samples for DNR:

Chapter 1 Water Supply

Chapter 1 Water Supply Supplement 1

Chapter 1 Water Supply Supplement 2

Chapter 1 Water Supply Radionuclides Detection Limit Procedure

Chapter 2 Underground Storage Tanks 542-0814

Chapter 2 Underground Storage Tanks 542-0814

Chapter 3 Wastewater and Sewage Sludge 542-0812

Chapter 3 Wastewater and Sewage Sludge 542-0812

Chapter 4 Solid Waste and Contaminated Sites 542-0813

Chapter 4 Solid Waste and Contaminated Sites 542-0813

Laboratory Reporting to the IDNR:

Subrule 83.1(1) of chapter 567 IAC 83  specifies that laboratories must be certified to perform analyses that are required to be reported to the department by a provision of the Iowa Code, rule, operation permit, or administrative orders. Alternatively, subrule 83.1(3) list some exclusions to that requirement for certification. Laboratories may not analyze or report their analysis until the certified process has been completed.  The results must then be reported in a form and format approved by the department. Subrule 83.6(6) IAC) specifies the details of that the reporting format for each environmental program and they are summarized below.

We are currently working on a new web application that will allow laboratories to submit and pay for an application on-line. The format of the web application will adopt some National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (NELAP) conventions such as analyte and method codes. Iowa has not adopted any NELAP standards. We anticipate the web application will be available in early 2019. 

For CWA Reporting:

567 IAC 83.6(6)"c" specifies certified laboratories must report the analysis to the client. 567-paragraphs 63.2(2)"b" to "e" further specifies that the report to the client must include:
  • The date, exact place and time of sampling
  • The dates analyses were performed
  • Who performed the analyses
  • The analytical techniques or methods used, and
  • the results of such analyses

DNR encourages the use of permit-specific electronic Discharge Monitoring Report forms that can be submitted by email. These forms are also known as Monthly Operation Reports. The contact person in each Environmental Services Field Office to receive the proper forms for your facility is available on our Discharge Monitoring Report forms page.

For SDWA Reporting:

Refer to paragraph 567--IAC 83.6(6)"a". Generally, certified laboratories must report all analytical test results for public water supplies to IDNR. The results must be reported electronically and include the SDWIS method code. Results must be reported weekly and received no later than the 7th of the month following the month in which the samples were analyzed. 

It is very important that unsafe samples be reported immediately; unsafe sample results must be reported within 24 hours after analysis by either fax or email. The "direct report" will automatically create a fax form to report unsafe samples for laboratories using this reporting system. See the Direct Report, for further detail on reporting unsafe bacterial and chemical samples and resolving electronic reporting issues.

  • The email address is
  • The IDNR FAX number is 515/725-8202.  Please indicate to whom the FAX should be delivered.
  • RTCR and MCL FAX Instructions
  • Basic Lab Skills

    For notebook contents, assessment manuals & audit worksheets, QC information, laboratory ethics presentations, and a list of websites that will help you get started on building your reference materials:

    Basic Lab Skills

    Program Information

    Kathleen Lee
    Senior Environmental Specialist
    Phone: 515-725-0343
    FAX: 515-725-8202

    Iowa Department of Natural Resources
    Attn Laboratory Certification
    6200 Park Ave Ste 200
    Des Moines, IA 50321-1371


    For SW/CS Reporting:
    567 IAC 83.6(6)"d" requires certified laboratories report the analytical results to the client requesting the analysis.

    For UST Reporting:
    567 IAC 83.6(6)"b" requires certified laboratories report the analytical results to the client requesting the analysis so the client may comply with their reporting requirements of 567-135.6(455B).



    Unsafe Drinking Water Samples
    Anne Lynam

    Electronic SDWIS Reporting
    Tamie Calef