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Hook a memory - don't let go!

A young girl in a lifejacket fishing in a boat

Every angler has stories to tell: my first fish, my biggest fish, and, of course, the one-that-got-away. Once you learn the basics, it won’t be long before you have your own stories to tell.

No matter how long you've been fishing; there are always different techniques you can learn, new fisheries to experience, and new fishing knots to master. Take a day off, visit a new destination or target a new species.

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Catch and Release
Follow these simple tips to give the fish you release the best chance for survival.

Common Fishing Mistakes
Simple mistakes can prevent you from reeling in the fish. Avoid these pitfalls when you go fishing.

Essential Tips and Tricks for Bowfishing
This fast-growing sport is fast and exciting and can be done many places in Iowa. Try these helpful tips and tricks to get you started.

Fish Iowa! Angler Education
Tips and resources to teach youth and adults how to fish and explore the basics of fishing.

From Hookin’ to Cookin’
New to fishing? These step-by-step tips will help you gear up and then clean and cook the fish once you have caught them.

How to Fish For…
Every fish species is unique in where they live, what they eat, and best techniques for catching. Here’s some easy tricks on how to fish for the most popular species in Iowa.

How to Fish From a Kayak
Fishing from a kayak is great way to stay active and get up close with nature. Try these simple tips to get you started.

Ice Fishing
Simple tips for a safe and successful ice fishing outing.

Knots Every Angler Should Know
Knot tying is an essential skill for beginning anglers to learn. Try these easy to tie knots to get you started.

Learn How to Fish By Depth
Tips for what the time of day and which depth to catch popular species in lakes during the summer.

Taking Kids Fishing
Get some simple tips to ensure kids have fun in Iowa’s great outdoors, and most importantly, want to go fishing again.

11 Things You Need in Your Tackle Box Right Now
Pack your tackle box with these basic necessities for a fun and successful spring fishing trip.



a mother and son fishing from a dock.