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Paid Time Off

Paid Time Off Icon We value you and your families mental and physical well being by offering paid sick leave, vacation time, and family care time.

Insurance Coverage

Health Insurance Icon The State of Iowa Health, Dental, and Life insurance programs allow you to pay a fraction of the cost in premiums as other employers, yet have some of the best coverage in Iowa.

Personal Development

Personal Development Icon Employees are the DNR's most valuable resources, which is why we offer a number of PDS courses for further growth and development.

Join the Team

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Work Life Balance

Paid Time Off Icon The DNR offers a number of ways to balance work and home life through telework, flexible schedules, and time off options.


Retirement Icon You will be eligible for the State of Iowa pension program (IPERS) and for a supplemental retirement plan with monthly matches.

Join Our Team: Employment Opportunities

Do you care about the environment and want to make a difference in the world? Do you like to work in an action-oriented, exciting, diverse, high-energy and challenging workplace? If you are a team player, highly productive, accountable with an eye for customer service, then the DNR is the right place for you.

Employment Positions listed below

[Oct 5] Position: Environmental Engineer

The Flood Plain and Dam Safety Section of the DNR provides a critical service to the state of Iowa in making sure that development and construction in Iowa's floodplains is conducted responsibly to reduce the risk of flooding damages. As a member of this team, this important position reviews a wide variety of proposed construction projects, including dams, bridges/culverts, streambank stabilization, and new buildings. These reviews consist of the use of various hydrologic and hydraulic references, modeling software, and analytical tools to ensure the project is protected from flooding and doesn’t make flooding impacts worse for others. Related duties include providing technical assistance to customers including providing 100 year flood elevation and floodplain determinations. The position will also coordinate with the Department’s Environmental Services Division field offices for complaints and inquiries regarding flood plain development; the position will coordinate various aspects of flood plain development with other bureaus within the Department, along with other local, state and federal agencies.

Job number: 24-01046
Location: Wallace Building, 502 E. 9th St, Des Moines, IA 50319
Hours: 8:00 A.M. - 4:30 P.M., Monday - Friday
Closing Date: October 5, 2023 – 11:59 p.m

For specific job duties, requirements, and application information:
Position: Environmental Engineer

[Sept 28] Position: Forestry Technician (NRT1) - Parks, Forest and Preserves Bureau

Are you passionate about nature and conservation? Do you enjoy spending time outdoors and exploring natural habitats? If so, we have the perfect job opportunity for you! We are currently seeking a dedicated individual to join our team as a Forestry Technician working in the Loess Hills State Forest in Pisgah, IA. Working as a Forestry Technician at the Loess Hills State Forest is an exciting and rewarding job. As a Forestry Technician, you will have the opportunity to work in a beautiful natural environment, surrounded by the stunning landscapes of the Loess Hills.

Job number: 24-00961
Location: Loess Hills State Forest, 206 Polk St, Pisgah, IA 51564
Hours: M-F 8:00-4:30 some extended shifts and weekends, travel in state with some overnight stays
Closing Date: September 28, 2023 – 11:59 p.m

For specific job duties, requirements, and application information:
Position: Forestry Technician (NRT1) - Parks, Forest and Preserves Bureau

Ready to Apply?

Careers with the DNR enjoy a culture of meaningful and satisfying work with a family friendly environment. Our staff work towards the DNR mission every day, which is to conserve and enhance our natural resources in cooperation with individuals and organization, to improve the quality of life in Iowa and ensure a legacy for future generations.

Employment tips for applying.

Current openings with the Iowa DNR can also be found through the State of Iowa employment portal.

When applying, keep in mind the following tips:

  • Complete the online application
  • Always Attach a Resume and Cover Letter
    • Cover letter is your opportunity to convey why you are interested in the position and how your skills and abilities connect to the job.
    • Resume should showcase your knowledge, skills, and abilities relatable to the critical competencies and essential functions from the job description you are applying for.
  • Reach out to the Supervisor or Point of Contact to ask questions and show your interest.

2023 Seasonal Positions

Seasonal Employment Positions listed below

Check for listings in spring of 2024.

DNR Job Classifications

The DNR is a diverse organization with 75 different job classifications.

The number following each job title represents the total number of full-time positions in that classification:

Job Descriptions:
For detailed information regarding these positions, please refer to the job class descriptions found on the DAS website.

Accountant 2 (2)
Accountant 3 (1)
Accounting Clerk 2 (2)
Accounting Technician 2 * (4)
Accounting Technician 3 (1)
Administrative Assistant 1 (8)
Administrative Assistant 2 * (16)
Administrative Sec (1)
Architectual Technician 1 * (1)
Assistant Survey Party Chief (1)
Attorney 2 * (7)
Biometrician (1)
Budget Analyst 3 * (3)
Carpenter 1 (1)
Carpenter 2 (1)
Clerk Advanced (5)
Clerk Specialist (6)
Conservation Officer (80)
Construction Technician (3)
Construction Technician Senior (1)
Construction Technician Supervisor (1)
Custodial Worker (1)
Environmental Engineer (35)
Environmental Engineer Senior * (18)
Environmental Program Supervisor (23)
Environmental Specialist (102)
Environmental Specialist Senior (64)
Executive Officer 1 (6)
Executive Officer 2 (25)
Executive Officer 3 * (4)
Executive Sec (1)
Facilities Engineer 1 * (7)
Facilities Engineer 2 (4)
Facilities Engineer Associate (1)
Facilities Main Coordinator (1)
Forester 2 * (18)
Forester 3 (4)
Geologist Technician (1)
Geologist 2 * (5)
Geologist 3 * (26)
Human Resources Associate * (2)
Information Specialist 1 (1)
Information Specialist 2 (9)
Information Specialist 3 (4)

Information Technology Administrator 2 (1)
Information Technology Administrator 3 (1)
Information Technology Specialist 2 (7)
Information Technology Specialist 3 (3)
Information Technology Specialist 4 (6)
Information Technology Specialist 5 (5)
Information Technology Support Worker 2 (3)
Information Technology Support Worker 3 (3)
Mail Clerk 1 (1)
Maintenance Repairer (1)
Microbiologist (1)
Museum Technician (1)
Natural Resources Biologist (68)
Natural Resources Technician 1 (53)
Natural Resources Technician 2 (75)
Park Manager (34)
Park Ranger (30)
Program Planner 1 (1)
Program Planner 2 (6)
Program Planner 3 (9)
Public Service Executive 2 * (25)
Public Service Executive 3 * (8)
Public Service Executive 4 * (14)
Public Service Executive 5 * (2)
Public Service Executive 6 (1)
Public Service Supervisor 2 (1)
Purchasing Agent 3 * (1)
Purchasing Assistant (1)
Receptionist (2)
Right of Way Agent 2 (1)
Right of Way Agent 3 * (2)
Secretary 1 (6)
Secretary 2 (11)
Statistical Research Analyst 2 (1)
Statistical Research Analyst 3 (2)
Training Specialist 1 (4)
Training Specialist 2 (1)
Typist Advanced (1)
Word Processor 3 (1)

For current permanent job openings at the DNR, visit the State of Iowa Department of Administrative Services and then click on "Job Openings for all applicants," followed by "Search Openings" and then you can then search for DNR listings using Department #542.

Iowa DNR Careers

To conserve and enhance our natural resources in cooperation with individuals and organizations to improve the quality of life in Iowa and ensure a legacy for future generations.

Leading Iowans in caring for our natural resources.

Hiring Motto:
Hire the right person for the right job at the right time!

DNR recognizes and strives to capitalize on the fact that employees are our most valuable resource. DNR seeks to recruit, hire, train, develop and retain the very best employees.

Guiding Principles:
Customer Focus, Long-Term Thinking, Results/Outcome Orientation, Data-Based Decisions, Continuous Improvement, Accountability, Empowerment, Valuing Employees, Mutual Respect, Collaboration, and Integrity

Core Competencies:
Accountability, Integrity, High Productivity, Communication Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Team Player, Customer Focus, and Technical Skills.

Application Preferences:
DNR highly encourages interested applicants to upload a resume and cover letter when applying for all DNR positions through the DAS NEOGOV application system.