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The DNR's eAirServices is a secure portal for online business services. It is the entry point for the regulated community and consultants to electronically complete and file air quality reports, notifications and permit applications.


Iowa EASY Air

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has developed an electronic permit application system for construction and Title V operating permit applications. It is a web-based, secure system available for submitting permit applications.

Instructions and access to "how-tos" can be found below, along with more information about the system and its advantages for fast, accurate application submittals.

Notice to SLEIS users logging in to Iowa EASY Air for the first time: Your email account from SLEIS was migrated into Iowa EASY Air, so you do have an account. However, your SLEIS password was not migrated, so you will need to set up a password in Iowa EASY Air.

Click on the "Forgot your login user name or password?" link and follow the directions to have a temporary password emailed to you.

Please direct any system-related comments or questions to easyair@dnr.iowa.gov, or by phone at 515-725-9569 or 515-725-9523.

Login to Iowa EASY Air

Responsible Officials (ROs) may use the preferred e-Verify option for identity verification. The EASY Air account registration instructions for ROs document provides more information on how to use this option. ROs who are not able to successfully use this preferred option may submit an Electronic Signature Agreement (ESA) form to DNR following the instructions provided in the account registration instructions for ROs document.

October 7 - EASY Air: Construction Permit Applications Training

To register visit: Webinar Registration


1:00     Welcome and Background

1:15     Applying for a Construction Permit

2:15     Break

2:25     Modifying a Construction Permit

            Withdrawing an Application

            Requesting a Determination

            Using General Permits, Templates, or Registrations

2:45     Sending Applications Back/Amending Applications

2:55     Start of Construction & Operation Forms

3:15     Accessing the System

4:15     Questions


November 10 - EASY Air: Title V Permit Applications Training

To Register visit: Webinar Registration


1:00 - 1:15 -- Welcome and Background

1:15 - 2:15 -- Completing a Title V Application

2:15 - 3:15 -- Accessing the System

3:15 -- Questions


Recordings from the December 19, 2019 webinar:

The EASY Air training webinar includes eight sections designed to help customers use the online system. They include:

  1. Background [YouTube Link]
  2. Accessing the System [YouTube Link]
  3. Applying for a Construction Permit [YouTube Link]
  4. Modifications and Determinations [YouTube Link]
  5. Using General Permits, Templates or Registrations [YouTube Link]
  6. Questions for Construction Permit Applications [YouTube Link]
  7. Applying for a Title V Permit [YouTube Link]
  8. Questions and Answers [YouTube Link]

If for any reason you are unable to hear the sound on this webinar, DNR provides other training materials including instructions, online instructions, tips and help embedded in the EASY Air application, and Help Desk staff who can answer your questions. Please direct any system-related comments or questions to the EASY Air Help Desk at easyair@dnr.iowa.gov, or by phone to 515-725-9569 or 515-725-9523.

SLEIS, State & Local Emissions Inventory Reporting


SLEIS is the State and Local Emissions Inventory System. It is a web-based emissions inventory reporting system used by industry to manage facility and equipment information and to report point source emissions data to DNR. It is an intuitive reporting system that easily allows users to enter and extract data.

Login: Emission Inventory Reporting

Questions about SLEIS? Contact us at sleis@dnr.iowa.gov

+ What Kind of Training Is Available?
+ How Do I Access My Facility Data?
+ What Are Some Useful Resources?
+ Title V Emissions Fee Payment

Online Asbestos Notification System

Knock out your Asbestos Notification in no time!

~ For all Abatement, Demolition, and Renovation Work ~

  • At your fingertips 24/7
  • Immediate confirmation after notification received
  • Simple revisions and cancellations
  • Tailored to your needs – addresses each type of notification
  • Online video training available
  • Built-in help
  • At your pace, pause as needed
+ How Do I Access It?
+ What training is available?