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Forestry landowner assistance

Forestry Landowner Assistance

DNR district foresters have assisted Iowans in managing and understanding their woodland resources since 1935. Your forester can help to improve your woodland for wildlife, recreation, water quality, or wood products, through tree planting, selective harvesting, and other means. Browse through the following sample management plans to see what types of information your district forester can provide:

For information about purchasing native seed-sourced Iowa-grown seedlings, visit the Iowa State Forest Nursery:

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Forest Reserve Law

Criteria for establishing and maintaining forest and fruit tree reservations:

Designation. The selection of a forest or fruit tree reservation is the prerogative of the taxpayer and shall not be denied unless the criteria set forth in Iowa Code chapter 441 and these rules have not been satisfied.

Area designated. The area designated as a forest or fruit tree reservation may be less than one legally described tract of land if the minimum acreage requirement of Iowa Code 161.2 is satisfied.

Size of reservation. A forest or fruit tree reservation must be at least 2 acres in size. The area occupied by buildings on the area of the forest or fruit tree reservation may not be included. As used in Iowa Code, the term "contiguous area" means an area of land which is not separated by public roads or streets. A "contiguous area" may include land contained in more than one legal description.

Fencing. It is not mandatory that a forest or fruit tree reservation be fenced. However, it is the taxpayer’s responsibility to ensure that livestock are not permitted on the reservation.

Number of trees. To qualify initially as a forest reservation, a tract of land must contain at least two hundred growing trees on each acre. However, if trees are removed pursuant to Iowa Code, Section 161.4, a taxpayer has up to one year to replace the trees.

Economic gain. As used in Iowa Code, the term "gain from raising fruit or forest trees" means gain from the harvest from trees including but not limited to fruit, nuts, Christmas trees and greens, posts, poles, logs, fuelwood, pulpwood and tree sap.

Ownership. A designated area must remain so under the same ownership for a period of 10 years. If sold prior to the end of the 10 year period, taxes that would have been paid during the past 5 years of that period will be recaptured.

Protection. Areas so designated must be protected from fire and grazing.

Resources for Woodland Owners

Forestry News

District Foresters

Forestry Staff

District 1
Dave Asche
500 Gunder Road NE
Suite C
Elkader, IA 52043-0662
Phone: 563-880-0507

District 2
Greg Heidebrink & Jason Walker
621 Beck Street
Charles City, IA 50616-0004

District 3
Joe Herring
524 Lawler St.
Iowa Falls, IA 50126-8023
Phone: 641-485-5040

District 4
David Bridges
300 Chamber Drive
Anamosa, IA 50158-4548
Phone: 319-462-2768

District 5
Lisa Louck
260 Mulberry Street
Wapello, IA 52653-1214
Phone: 319-523-2216

District 6
Cassidy Widner
605 South 23rd Street
Fairfield, IA 52556-0568
Phone: 641-919-0877

District 7
Jeremy Cochran
1111 North 8th Street
Chariton, IA 50049-9209
Phone: 641-774-8733

District 8
Aaron Wright
1436 255th St.
Boone, IA 50036

District 9
Sarah Bell
21914 Park Loop Rd.
Onawa, IA 51040
Phone: 563-920-8022

District 10
Alex Hoffman
22693 205th Ave
Manchester, IA 52057
Phone: 563-608-0385

District 11
Lindsey Barney
2321 330th Ave
Riverton, IA 51650
Phone: 712-350-0013

District 12
Mark Vitosh
3109 Old HWY 218 South
Iowa City, IA 52246-5881
Phone: 563-260-0319

District 14
Zach Nie
24570 Hwy 34
Chariton IA, 50049
Phone: 515-805-6276