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Iowans generate 2.8 million tons of solid waste per year. Properly managing those waste streams is critical to protecting Iowa's land, water and air resources. To ensure environmental protection occurs, the DNR regulates solid waste facilities such as landfills, which are usually managed by cities and counties. As part of reporting requirements, local governments must establish comprehensive plans that outline their solid waste management system, provide alternatives such as recycling and composting, and set waste reduction goals.

Solid Waste Staff Roster
Solid Waste Management Factsheet

This page provides resources for Iowa's solid waste facilities to achieve their planning and permitting requirements. 


  • Solid Waste Permitting - The DNR regulates the construction, operation and closure of facilities and projects that manage, process and dispose solid waste. This website provides information and tools to help facilities with the permitting process, including forms, contacts and information on code requirements.
  • Solid Waste Operator Certification - Landfills, incinerators, composting facilities, transfer stations and appliance demanufacturers are required to have certified operators.
  • Solid Waste Public Notices - View landfill documents open for public comment.
  • Solid Waste Rules and Policies - Contains links to Iowa Code and Administrative Rules, as well as any proposed rule revisions or new rules.
  • Solid Waste Facility Financial Assurance - Many solid waste facilities are required to have financial assurance mechanisms in place.
  • Special Waste Authorization - The intent of a special waste authorization from the department, is to assist in providing safe and proper management for disposal of wastes which present a threat to human health or the environment or a waste with inherent properties which make the disposal of the waste in a sanitary landfill difficult to manage.
  • Solid Waste Fact Sheets - Fact sheets regarding disposal/recycling of various hard to manage products

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Mike Sullivan 

Additional Resources

  • Comprehensive Planning - Iowa law requires cities and counties to develop a comprehensive solid waste reduction program in collaboration with the landfill(s) or other waste facility(s) that serves their area.
  • State Revolving Fund - Offers low-interest loans for landfill closure projects.  May allow use of closure account for other closure-related projects such as transfer stations or recycling centers.
  • Statewide Waste Characterization Study

Solid Waste News

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Solid Waste Permitting Web Application

Solid Waste Permitting Web Application tracks permit amendments, renewals and report submittals for solid waste facilities. The application also contains basic facility information such as permit numbers, facility contacts, project locations and permit expiration dates. 

All incoming and outgoing documents are converted to an electronic format and are available for public viewing using the Electronic Document Retrieval Report.

For specific facility information, please contact a Solid Waste Facility Contact

Quarterly Solid Waste Fee Schedule & Retained Fees Report (now online) (542-3276)

Tonnage Fee Distribution Fact Sheet

Landfill Tonnage Data

This page contains data and resources related to solid waste in Iowa. Information available includes landfilled tonnages, and waste composition data.

Beginning with Fiscal Year 2016 tonnage fee data can now be found online via the Solid Waste Database Tonnage Report Data.

Historical Landfill tonnages

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