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Posted 06/14/24 Electronic Copy of LUST Site Reports

Posted 02/22/24 Target Levels for Potential Groundwater Vapor Pathways

Posted 08/30/23 Bedrock Software Manual and Bedrock Site Monitoring Reports

Posted 07/24/23 RBCA Guidance Document Revisions and Self-Study Documents

Posted 03/01/22 LUST Site Report Submittal Requirements

Posted 07/20/15  Consideration for Managing Contaminated Soil in Iowa

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GWP Continuing Education Information

  • Groundwater Professional CEU Approval Form
  • Documentation for Internet webinars must show your participation or attendance.  Here are some examples:
    • ITRC Registration Summary / email confirmation date;
    • ITRC Internet Training Course Reminder email, containing training link;
    • List of "Today's Participants Who Have Checked in;
    • Pages of course document/slides;
    • Completion, submittal and verification of feedback/survey form at end of training simulcast;
    • ITRC Feedback Confirmation email.
  • List of Approved Courses for Certified GWP CEUs

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