DNR Enforcement Actions
Many times, environmental improvement comes as a result of an enforcement action. Enforcement must take place when people choose to circumvent the law or do not understand the full impact of their actions on our environment. The DNR is charged with ensuring compliance with State of Iowa environmental laws and rules. The compliance portion of the DNR improves our environment through educating citizens and promoting awareness of the environmental impacts of our actions and awareness of applicable law.

Orders reported in 2017 are listed by the date of issuance, in reverse alphabetical order (by responsible party, by last name for individuals) below.
Archived orders back to 2007

With administrative orders, responsible parties have 30 days to appeal the order. A consent order is issued in settlement of an administrative order or as an alternative to issuing an administrative order. A consent order indicates that the DNR has voluntarily entered into a legally enforceable agreement with the other party. In certain situations, the DNR may choose to include Supplemental Environmental Projects (SEPs) in a consent order.

The DNR uses the Enforcement Management System (EMS) to outline the process by which the various regulatory programs in the Environmental Services Division (ESD) of the Iowa DNR pursue compliance with chapters 455B, 455D, 459, 459A, and 459B of the Iowa Code and the rules promulgated there under. The general objective of the EMS is to protect the public health and environment of the State of Iowa through enforcement of the environmental regulatory requirements in a timely, consistent and fair manner.

The Fish Kill Cost Recovery Guidance document assists in the investigation and assessment of fish kills by each division to ensure coordination between the divisions. The guidance also provides information regarding the right to enter a property. This guidance will also ensure the costs for fish restitutions, salaries, meals, lodging and miscellaneous expenses are collected uniformly between the divisions.

Document DNA - Electronic Reports (direct link)
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Mangold Environmental Testing, Inc.
Storm Lake, IA - Buena Vista County

Temporarily suspend laboratory testing for nitrates
Consent Order - 7024
Contact: John Crotty
Deere & Company
Cedar Falls, IA - Black Hawk County

Establishes a compliance plan to achieve compliance with all applicable air quality requirements at the Product Engineering Center
Consent Order - 6932
Contact: Anne Preziosi
Van Middendorp, Todd
Hull, IA - Sioux County

Amended penalty amount to $2,500 (originally $5000)
Amendment to Administrative Order - 6861
Contact: Kelli Book
Thomas Scott Dodge and Ronald Schintler
Parnell, IA - Iowa County

Remove waste tires as scheduled and no additional tires stored on the property
Consent Order - 7000
Contact: David Scott
Arconic Inc
Bettendorf, IA - Scott County

Identify all actions needed to cease illegal bypass by May 1, 2019; submit a study of all actions that may be implemented by November 1, 2021; select final action for implementation and submit a schedule by April 1, 2023; implement all actions by November 1, 2028; and pay an administrative penalty of $5,000
Consent Order - 7015
Contact: Carrie Schoenebaum
Hewitt, Steve Hewitt's Service Center, Ltd.
Monroe, IA - Jasper County

Cease improper opening burning on the property; remove all solid waste within 60 days; remove all tires by February 1, 2019; comply with regulations for future use of tires; and pay an administrative penalty of $4,000
Consent Order - 7005
Contact: David Scott
City of Muscatine
Muscatine, IA - Muscatine County

Submit comprehensive plan for evaluation and inspection; complete construction of a redundant line; and pay an administrative penalty of $10,000
Consent Order - 6973
Contact: John Crotty
Schmitz, Doug and Dan
Hartley, IA - O'Brien County

empty basin; maintain basin levels; and pay an administrative penalty of $5,000
Consent Order - 6995
Contact: Kelli Book
Convenience Stores Leasing and Management, LLC
Malcom, IA - Poweshiek County

Removes administrative penalty
Amendment to Administrative Order - 6839
Contact: David Scott

Blue Grass, IA - Scott County

Removes administrative penalty
Amendment to Administrative Order - 6831
Contact: David Scott
Terrafact, Inc
Lake Park, IA - Dickinson County

Pay an administrative penalty of $750 and a Supplemental Environmental Project payment of $2,250 to the Dickinson County Conservation Board
Consent Order - 6996
Contact: Kelli Book
Ram Developmetn, LLC
Des Moines, IA - Polk County

Cease illegal burning, comply with air quality permits; and pay an administrative penalty of $10,000
Administrative Order - 7012
Contact: David Scott
Critchfield , Larry dba Critchfield Auto Parts
Marshalltown, IA - Marshall County

Obtain NPDES General Permit 1; obtain permits in future; and pay administrative penalty in the amount of $1,000
Consent Order - 6956
Contact: Carrie Schoenebaum
Nor-Am Cold Storage, Inc
LeMars, IA - Plymouth County

Cease illegal discharges to waters of the State and waters of the United States and Pay an administrative penalty of $7,000.
Consent Order - 6982
Contact: Carrie Schoenebaum
Humpal, Darryl
Ridgeway, IA - Winneshiek County

Develop standard operating procedures for manure application; pay fish restitution in the amount of $13,444.74; and pay administrative penalty in the amount of $2,000
Consent Order - 6651
Contact: Kelli Book
Van Der Weide, Joshua
George, IA - Lyon County

Remove penalty assessment
Amendment to Administrative Order - 5588
Contact: Carrie Schoenebaum
Winterboer, Denny
Milford, IA - Dickinson County

Comply with the solid waste rules and pay an administrative penalty of $1,850.00
Consent Order - 7008
Contact: Noah Poppelreiter
Wineland, Jerry
Humeston, IA - Decatur County

Dispose of all solid waste; submit proof of disposal; and pay an administrative penalty of $2,250.00
Consent Order - 6994
Contact: Noah Poppelreiter
Jerry Voss, Denny Winterboer
Milford, IA - Dickinson County

Rescinds Administrative Order No. 2018-AQ-12/2018-SW-05
Recission - 6944
Contact: Noah Poppelreiter
Grover, Travis & James Grover Farms, Inc
Cresco, IA - Howard County

Pay an administrative penalty of $2,500
Consent Order - 6978
Contact: Kelli Book
Schlafke, Jayson
Jewell, IA - Hamilton County

Submit manure management plan update and fee and Pay an administrative penalty of $3,000
Administrative Order - 6943
Contact: Kelli Book
Patel, Mukesh Wayne Hotels, Inc d/b/a Knights Inn
Williamsburg, IA - Iowa County

Comply with water supply system permit and pay $6,715.00 penalty.
Consent Order - 6970
Contact: Carrie Schoenebaum
Iowa Fertilizer Company LLC
Wever, IA - Lee County

Created an enforceable compliance plan for the submittal of construction permit application, installation of control equipment, and compliance with construction permit applications.
Consent Order - 7007
Contact: Anne Preziosi
Kock, Scott Scott and Pam Kock Revocable Trust
Inwood, IA - Lyon County

Maintain and update NMP, maintain NMP records, and pay $3,000 penalty
Consent Order - 6979
Contact: Kelli Book
Minsa Corporation
Red Oak, IA - Montgomery County

Submit a written compliance plan for air quality requirements, install control equipment, and pay $8,000 penalty
Consent Order - 6963
Contact: Anne Preziosi
Krueger, Clifford
Letts, IA - Muscatine County

Pay $3,100 penalty and comply with the laws and rules governing open burning and disposal of solid waste
Consent Order - 6968
Contact: Noah Poppelreiter
Sunrise Farms Rentals, LLC
Harris, IA - Osceola County

Pay $10,000 penalty and $3,168 compliance fees for failing to submit Manure Management Plans
Consent Order - 6976
Contact: Kelli Book
Wollesen, William & Kristi
Lake View, IA - Sac County

Cease all open burning, remove all solid waste and properly dispose of it, and pay a $5,000 penalty for the open burning of solid waste
Consent Order - 6975
Contact: David Scott
Sherron, Brian D.W. Zinser, Co.
Walford, IA - Linn County

Comply with UST regulations and pay $6,500 penalty
Administrative Order - 6993
Contact: David Scott
Medquarter, Inc.
Cedar Rapids, IA - Linn County

Comply with UST regulations and pay $3,000 penalty
Administrative Order - 6992
Contact: David Scott
Illnitsky, Slavic
Indianola, IA - Warren County

Comply with air quality and solid waste requirements and pay $1,000 penalty for open burning and open dumping of solid wastes.
Consent Order - 6957
Contact: Noah Poppelreiter
Britt, David & Thomas
Le Mars, IA - Plymouth County

Cease illegal open burning of solid wastes, properly remove all remaining solid waste, and pay $2,000 penalty
Consent Order - 6987
Contact: David Scott
City of Clarence
Clarence, IA - Cedar County

Amended compliance schedule for wastewater treatment improvements
Amendment to Consent Order - 6538
Contact: John Crotty
Whitecap LLC
Arnolds Park, IA - Dickinson County

Cease illegal discharges to waters of the State, comply with NPDES permit, and pay $7,000 penalty.
Consent Order - 6974
Contact: Carrie Schoenebaum
Zenk, Fred
Akron, IA - Plymouth County

Comply with AFO construction requirements and pay $4,500 penalty
Consent Order - 6934
Contact: Kelli Book
Clark Farms Ltd
Fredericksburg, IA - Chickasaw County

Rescission of earlier order - Order No. 2017-SW-17/2017-WW-14
Administrative Order - 6988
Contact: David Scott
Walz Energy LLC
Monona, IA - Clayton County

Cease illegal discharges to waters of the state, comply with NPDES storm water permit, and pay $10,000 penalty
Consent Order - 6920
Contact: Carrie Schoenebaum
Heller, Douglas and Rebecca Heller Enterprises, LLC a/k/a Northwest Iowa Sprinkler
Milford, IA - Dickinson County

Cease open burning of solid wastes, properly remove and dispose of any remaining waste, and pay $3,000 penalty
Consent Order - 6980
Contact: David Scott
City of Storm Lake
Storm Lake, IA - Buena Vista County

Comply with NPDES permit and pay $8,000 penalty for illegal bypass of untreated wastewater.
Consent Order - 6946
Contact: Carrie Schoenebaum
Whiskey Creek Feedlot, Inc.
Lawton, IA - Woodbury County

Pay $7,000 penalty for past water supply permitting violations
Consent Order - 6940
Contact: Carrie Schoenebaum
J & S Kramer, L.L.C.
Allison, IA - Butler County

Maintain repairs at facility and pay $2,250 penalty and $1,224 in fish restitution and investigative costs to resolve water quality violations and a fish kill resulting from a manure release.
Consent Order - 6936
Contact: Kelli Book
Bhupinder Gangahar; Saroj Gangahar; International Business
Council Bluffs, IA - Pottawattamie County

Rescind penalty of $7,934.32 after deemed uncollectible
Amendment to Administrative Order - 6289
Contact: David Scott
Reser, Richard
Bristow, IA - Butler County

Comply with all laws regarding open burning and disposal of solid wastes, properly dispose of all remaining solid wastes on property, and pay $1,600 penalty.
Consent Order - 6971
Contact: Noah Poppelreiter
Guttenfelder, Carolyn
Guthrie Center, IA - Guthrie County

Revocation of drinking water treatment and drinking water distribution certifications
Consent Order - 6967
Contact: Noah Poppelreiter
Central States Coatings, Inc.
Iowa City, IA - Johnson County

Cease unauthorized discharges of pollutants to municipal storm sewers or waters of the state and pay $7,500 penalty. Rescinds and replaces order 18-WW-05.
Consent Order - 6977
Contact: John Crotty
Budde, Troy
Dubuque, IA - Dubuque County

Complete annual site monitoring and submit report to DNR and pay $7,000 penalty for violations of the state's underground storage tank requirements.
Administrative Order - 6972
Contact: David Scott
Van Diest Supply Company
Webster City, IA - Hamilton County

Establishment of enforceable compliance plan to meet state air quality requirements. Order also includes $10,000 penalty
Consent Order - 6961
Contact: Kelli Book
AG Partners, L.L.C.
Ellsworth, IA - Hamilton County

Pay $10,000 penalty for air quality violations at the facility
Consent Order - 6892
Contact: Anne Preziosi
HP Properties, LLC
Des Moines, IA - Polk County

Conduct site assessment at former landfill and conduct corrective measures at the site. Order also includes $10,000 penalty
Administrative Order - 6969
Contact: David Scott
Rolling View Farms, Inc.
Orange City, IA - Sioux County

Pay $2,000 penalty to resolve violations of construction permit conditions
Consent Order - 6945
Contact: Kelli Book
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