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DNR Staff & Offices

Air Quality Staff
Contact information for the Air Quality Bureau, asbestos, compliance and monitoring, stack testing, emissions inventory, program development, construction and operating permits and general support.

Boards and Commissions
Boards and commissions are responsible for advising the Governor and Lt. Governor, the legislature and state agencies. Contact information has been provided for these boards and commissions who provide oversight to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

Conservation Law Enforcement (Contact and General Information)
Natural resources law enforcement is one responsibility of the Iowa DNR, which is the state government agency that protects and enhances Iowa's natural resources. The department also oversees fisheries, wildlife, parks, forestry, and environmental protection.

Field Office Environmental Services
The Field Services and Compliance Bureau includes six field offices throughout the state. They are local representatives of the Division, and a primary task for them is helping people to understand environmental services programs.

Fish Hatcheries
More than 180 million fish are stocked annually into Iowa waters, raised in cold water fish hatcheries, cool and warm water hatcheries and egg-taking stations.

Fisheries Management
Sixteen fish management offices ensure quality fishing in Iowa’s lakes, ponds, rivers and streams. Biologists and technicians from these offices create fish habitat, accessible shorelines, improved water quality and much more.

Fisheries Research Offices
The DNR’s Fisheries Research Program focuses on evaluating existing fisheries management practices, innovating new techniques, and advancing the science and technology used to improve fishing in Iowa’s lakes, rivers, and ponds.

Forestry Staff
The foresters can assist you with all of your forestry needs from private land, public land, urban, fire and forest health. Contact a forester today to insure a forest for tomorrow.

GIS Analysis and Support, Data and Applications
The GIS section is responsible for the development, management, and distribution of the Department's Natural Resource Geographic Information System (NRGIS). This includes data collection and analysis that may be required for various resource investigations and in support of making natural resource management decisions. We deliver data in various formats to decision makers and the public. We also provide GIS support and training to other sections of the DNR.

Land Quality Bureau Staff
The Land Quality Bureau focuses on the protection of Iowa’s land and groundwater resources by addressing sites that are contaminated; regulating petroleum underground storage tanks; regulating solid waste management facilities and activities; and assisting with developing and implementing sustainable environmental practices through pollution prevention and financial assistance services.

Legal Services Bureau
The DNR’s Legal Services Bureau provides legal counsel to the department, the Environmental Protection Commission and the Natural Resource Commission.

Private Lands Staff

River Programs Team

Water Quality Bureau
The Water Quality Bureau manages water protection programs including safe drinking water, wastewater and storm water discharge, industrial pretreatment, state loans for wastewater and drinking water system construction, water quality monitoring (lakes, streams, rivers, wetlands and beaches), and administers the State of Iowa's watershed improvement programs (Section 319 watershed grants as well as TMDL development).

Watershed Staff

Wildlife Research Staff
Iowa DNR's wildlife research staff include biologists and technicians located throughout the state.

Wildlife Diversity Staff
Iowa DNR's wildlife diversity staff work with the species in Iowa that are not hunted, trapped or fished for which are sometimes identified as "nongame" wildlife.

Wildlife Management Areas - Staff
The DNR's Wildlife management staff manages over 356,000 acres that are available for public recreational use every day of the year.


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