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Wildlife Diversity Staff

Boone River photo by Doug Harr

To many Iowans, the first thing that comes to mind when talking about our fish and wildlife resources might be deer, pheasants, walleye, ducks, catfish, turkeys, muskrats, crappies and other traditional game or sport fish species. The vast majority of wildlife species in Iowa are not hunted, trapped or fished for, however, but instead are sometimes called "nongame" wildlife. This includes shorebirds, raptors, songbirds, many small mammals and bats, most amphibians, reptiles, many small fish, butterflies, dragonflies and more - a very wide diversity of wildlife, indeed. Be sure to check out our Wildlife Diversity Program or contact a staff member below for more information.

Stephanie Shepherd

Karen Kinkead

Paul Frese

Anna Buckardt-Thomas

Katy Fullin (Wildlife Action Plan Manager):

Kelly Poole (Threatened and Endangered Species):

NOTE:  All of us should be able to deal with most requests or at least get you to the best person to deal with the request, but we do each have areas of expertise and responsibility. The person listed below should be the first person to contact.

  • Overall Taxanomic Groups
  • General Birds:  Anna
  • General Reptiles and Amphibians: Paul, Karen
  • General Butterflies/Insects: Stephanie
  • General Mammals: Karen
  • Mussels/Aquatics: Kelly
  • Threatened and Endangered Species: Kelly

Specific Species or Programs

  • Ospreys, Peregrine Falcons, Sandhill Cranes: Anna
  • Species Restorations: Stephanie
  • Trumpeter Swans: David
  • Prairie Chickens: Stephanie
  • Bald Eagle Nesting: Stephanie
  • Colonial Waterbird (Heron, Egret) Nesting: Stephanie
  • Frog and Toad Call Survey: Stephanie
  • Breeding Bird Atlas: Karen
  • Non-game Research Projects: Karen
  • Public Events (Bald Eagle Days, Prairie Chicken Day etc..): Stephanie
  • Volunteering with a non-game interest: Stephanie
  • Funding: Stephanie, Karen
  • Policy: Karen
  • Iowa Wildlife Action Plan (IWAP): Katy

Wildlife Damage by Non-game/Injured Wildlife:
We do not physically assist people with problems but only provide advice on how they may deal with it themselves. Please see lists of rehabilitators and Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators.