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River Programs Team


Say hello to your River Programs and Water Trails Team!


Nate Hoogeveen is the director of river programs for the Iowa DNR. As team leader, Nate oversees diverse efforts, including water trails, dam removals and modifications for fish passage and hazard reduction, river science, survey, construction, grant administration, data and mapping services, and program planning. Nate teaches canoe skills. Formerly a writer, Nate is author of the guidebook, Paddling Iowa.
Phone: 515-205-2486


Glenn Harman is the river programs' environmental specialist. In this position Glenn performs river surveys for dam modification and removal projects, conducts stream assessments and monitoring and is working on updating the current Protected Water Areas Management Plans. Glenn also is a certified American Canoe Association canoe instructor.
Phone: 515-971-3962 



John Wenck is the water trails coordinator. John provides technical assistance for planning and development of water trails. He's responsible for the administration of DNR water trail grants, and is also a certified American Canoe Association instructor.
Phone: 515-494-8629


Todd Robertson is the river programs Outreach Coordinator. Todd helps coordinate water trail events, provides and teaches safety and loves teaching people to be more efficient paddlers. He is a certified canoe instructor through the American Canoe Association and when not working, you can usually find him paddling, running and biking. Email:
Phone: 515-205-6845