Air Quality Bureau
Department of Natural Resources - Environmental Services Division
502 E. 9th St.
Des Moines, IA 50319

General Phone Number: 515-725-8200

Fax number: 515-725-9501

Notice: The Bureau Chief and Attorneys listed below are part of the Air Quality Bureau, not a specific section.

Air Quality Bureau Chief

Fitzsimmons, Catharine --Telephone: 515-725-9534, email:


Book, Kelli - Attorney, Air Quality, Asbestos --Telephone: 515-210-3408, email:

Preziosi, Anne - Attorney, Air Quality, Controlled Sites --Telephone: 515-238-3429, email:

Wuehr, Tom - Asbestos Program Unit Leader: Abatement and Demolition Projects, Training Fires, Controlled Burns of Demolished Buildings --Telephone: 515-725-9576, email:

To report open burning violations, contact your local DNR field office. For training fires or asbestos-related open burning questions, contact Tom Wuehr at 515-725-9576.

Contractor Certification Permits

Any business or individual compensated to remove asbestos containing materials is required by the Iowa Division of Labor to obtain a certified asbestos contractor permit. Call 515-281-6175 for details or visit the Iowa Division of Labor Services website.

Asbestos Database and Notification Fee Payment Assistance

For assistance with questions related to the Asbestos Notification System or questions regarding submittal of fees for notifications, please contact Norma Gentry at 515-423-6415 or by email at

Section Supervisor

Hutchins, Brian Telephone: 515-681-3136, email:

Primary Contacts

Fitzsimmons, Sean - Unit Leader: Ambient Air Monitoring --Telephone: 515-669-8317, email:

Fields, Mark - Unit Leader: Compliance and Stack Testing --Telephone: 515-343-6589, email:

Wuehr, Tom - Unit Leader: Asbestos Abatement, Demolition Projects --Telephone: 515-725-9576, email:

Secondary Contacts

Bootman, Jasmine - Ambient Air Monitoring --Telephone: 515-414-9780, email:

Duke, Julie - Compliance --Telephone: 515-669-8474, email:

Gering, John - Ambient Air Monitoring --Telephone: 515-380-6874, email:

Mousel, Sarah - NESHAP Coordinator --Telephone: 515-418-7304, email:

Tenborg, Lucas - Compliance --Telephone: 515-443-9508, email:

Russell, Todd - Ambient Air Monitoring --Telephone: 515-204-3728, email:

Section Supervisor

Hutchins, Brian --Telephone: 515-681-3136, email:


Staff picture: Mark Fields  

Fields, Mark - Stack Test Unit Leader
Telephone: 515-343-6589


Randall, Alex - Stack Test Observation
Telephone: 515-777-8224


Schult, Kristofer - Stack Test Observation
Telephone: 515-218-4155


Mousel, Sarah - Stack Test Observation and Compliance
Telephone: 515-418-7304

Section Supervisor

McGraw, Jim --Telephone: 515-689-1439, email:

Primary Contacts (Program Development)

Ashton, Brad - Lead Worker, Dispersion Modeling --Telephone: 515-725-9527, email:

Johnson, Matthew - Lead Worker, Long Range Planning and Regional Modeling --Telephone: 515-725-9554, email:

Paulson, Christine - Planning Lead Worker, Administrative Rules, Air Toxics --Telephone: 515-725-9510, email:

Walker, Wendy - Budget, Administrative Rules, Program Development, State Implementation Plans, PPA/PPG Workplan --Telephone: 515-725-9570, email:

Primary Contacts (Support)

Connolly, Kevin - Iowa EASY Air Data Administrator --Telephone: 515-725-9569, email:

Craig, Jim - Records Center --Telephone: 515-725-9553, email:

Dowie, Jason - Iowa EASY Air and SLEIS Helpdesk --Telephone: 515-204-3749, email:

Secondary Contacts (Program Development)

Jensen, Alyssa - Dispersion Modeling --Telephone: 515-725-9566, email:

Reese McIntyre, Jessica - Program Development --Telephone: 515-725-9547, email:

Rongkavilit, Virun - Program Development --Telephone: 515-689-7136, email:

Secondary Contacts (Support)

Friedman, Tammy - Data Entry and Administrative Support Services --Telephone: 515-446-0179, email:

Gentry, Norma - Asbestos Data Entry and Administrative Support Services --Telephone: 515-423-6415, email:

Section Supervisor

Piziali, Sarah --telephone: 515-725-9549, email:

Primary Contacts

Hermsen, Michael - psd, nsps, neshap & construction permitting questions --telephone: 515-725-9577, email:

Kuhn, Karen - psd, construction permitting questions --telephone: 515-681-2230, email:

Roling, Chris - psd, construction permitting questions --telephone: 515-725-9557, email:

Smith, Gary - psd, construction permitting questions --telephone: 515-725-9563, email:

Zayudis, Peter - psd, sip, nonattainment & construction permitting questions --telephone: 515-201-4596, email:

Secondary Contacts

Corbin, Shawn - reviews construction permit application, writes construction permits --telephone: 515-229-6208, email:

Curtin, John - reviews construction permit application, writes construction permits --telephone: 515-689-3625, email:

Detter, Corey - reviews construction permit application, writes construction permits --telephone: 515-725-9517, email:

Dvorak, Ashley - reviews construction permit application, writes construction permits --telephone: 515-249-3207, email:

Painuly, Priyanka - reviews construction permit application, writes construction permits --telephone: 515-321-1936, email:

Quill, Rachel - reviews construction permit application, writes construction permits --telephone: 515-400-6204, email:

Tatar, Nate - reviews construction permit application, writes construction permits --telephone: 515-725-9536, email:

Zulic, Danjin - reviews construction permit application, writes construction permits --telephone: 515-418-0977, email:

Construction Permit Helpline

toll free: 877-air-iowa (877-247-4692)

Monday - Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Section Supervisor

Stein, Marnie --telephone: 515-725-9525,

Primary Contacts (Operating Permits)

Kjellmark, Chris - lead worker, operating permits and acid rain --telephone: 515-725-9537, email:

Arndt,Jeremy - lead worker, operating permits --telephone: 515-725-9511, email:

Primary Contacts (Emissions Inventory)

Page, Nick - lead worker: emissions inventory – point sources --telephone: 515-725-9544, email:

Secondary Contacts (Operating Permits)

Dailey, Taylor - reviews and writes operating permits --telephone: 515-725-9539, email:

James, Jeremy - reviews and writes operating permits --telephone: 515-725-9580, email:

Peters, Zane - reviews and writes operating permits --telephone: 515-725-9531, email:

Peterson, Emilie - reviews and writes operating permits --telephone: 515-725-9548, email:

Secondary Contacts (Emissions Inventory

Anderson, Seth - emissions inventory --telephone: 515-725-9559, email:

Mostert, Krysti - emissions inventory --telephone: 515-725-9567, email: