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Water Monitoring Staff

Noah Poppelreiter, Supervisor
515-669-8752 or

Jake Eeling, Wetlands, Shallow Lakes, and Ambient Lakes Support
515-721-1046 or

Jacklyn Gautsch, Field Monitoring Coordinator, Wetland and Shallow Lake Monitoring
515-725-3432 or

Brandon Harland, Water Quality Standards Support, 401 Certification
515-954-9559 or

James Hallmark, TMDL
515-823-8474 or

Nina Jung, Beach Monitoring
515-218-6664 or

Dan Kendall, Lake and Beach Monitoring Coordinator, 305(b) Integrated Report Co-Lead
515-491-2226 or

Ken Krier, Biological and Fish Tissue Monitoring Coordinator, 305(b) Integrated Report Co-Lead
515-823-4498 or

Alex Martin, TMDL Coordinator, Nonpoint Source Pollution Technical Lead
515-823-3465 or

Jamie Mootz, Database/Application Development, Fish Kills and Water Quality Data Management
515-823-4072 or

Samuel Nutting, Biological, Fish Tissue and WQ Monitoring; Integrated Report Program Support
515-201-3705 or

Angie Rosenboom, Wasteload Allocations

Marie Todey, Water Quality Standards Coordinator, Use Attainability Assessments, 401 Certifications
515-204-7569 or

Dan Weber, Use Attainability Assessments and WQ Monitoring Support
515-725-0233 or

Ian Willard, Wasteload Allocation Coordinator, 401 Certification Coordinator, Water Quality Standards Technical Lead, Use Attainability Assessments
515-954-6450 or

Nolan Underwood, Wasteload Allocations
515-499-3942 or