Certified Groundwater Professionals

The Department of Natural Resources is responsible for the certification of persons who wish to do business in Iowa as groundwater professionals.  This professional designation is required for any person who wishes to submit projects to the UST Section evaluating sites or proposing corrective action. The information below describes the certification program.  If you have any questions about the certification program, please USTLicensing@dnr.iowa.gov

A Groundwater Professional is defined by Chapter 567-134 as “a person who provides subsurface soil contamination and groundwater consulting services, or who contracts to perform or who supervises remediation or corrective action services at leaking underground storage tank sites.”  These services and activities must be provided by or directly supervised by a certified groundwater professional.  All reports submitted to the Iowa DNR must be signed by the Certified Groundwater Professional supervising the work at the site.

In complying with the legislative mandate, persons must be certified as a Groundwater Professional before performing any of the services above. 

Groundwater Professional Certification Process

  1. Applicant must have a current and approved groundwater professional application on file with the DNR two weeks prior to testing date.  The application must be accompanied by a check or money order made payable to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources in the amount of $200.   The fee is non-refundable and it can not be prorated.  The application will be reviewed by DNR and a determination will be made as to the applicant’s qualifications. DNR will send a letter to the applicant either stating that the applicant is qualified or the applicant is not qualified.
  2. DNR does not currently have a RBCA computer training course in place.  Applicants may contact  USTLicensing@dnr.iowa.gov to be placed on a waiting list for future notification when something is in place.
  3. Applicant must pass a written examination.  Applicant must be registered for the examination 2 weeks prior to testing date.  In order to register for the exam, the applicant must have a current, approved groundwater professional application on file with DNR.

Exception: Applicants who are currently registered as a professional engineer in the State of Iowa and meet the exemption qualification criteria in 134.3(6) of the certification rules, may complete a PE exemption from examination form.  A copy of the applicant’s current Iowa PE registration card, a copy of college transcripts, and a completed signed affidavit form must be submitted with the application form.  If approved, the applicant will be exempted from taking the written exam.

Following are a list of instructions to be used in completion of the application.

  1. All information must be typed or printed.
  2. Failure to complete all sections or attach the required supplemental information will result in rejection and/or delay of the application.
  3. Include with the application a non-refundable application fee.
  4. Please allow sufficient time for processing of your application.
  5. Duplication of the application is permitted.

List of Certified Groundwater Professionals

These lists are offered simply to help you find potential sources of assistance.  As you will find noted with each group, we make no attempt to qualify persons on the list.  It is between you and the persons you contact to discuss evidence of their capabilities.