Train Derailment Chemical Reuse

Photo Credit: KTIV News, Sioux City, Iowa

This photo shows the train derailment. Photo Credit: KTIV News, Sioux City, Iowa

Train Derailment Chemical Reuse, by Paige Alesch, Area 1

On May 16, 2021, a 47-car train derailment in Sibley, Iowa left crews with an abundance of chemicals used in fertilizers to clean up. GHD, the company hired to handle cleanup, contacted the Iowa Waste Exchange seeking an environmentally responsible and economically efficient way to reuse hydrochloric acid and fuel from the derailment.

Through work with the Iowa Waste Exchange, 40,000 gallons of hydrochloric acid and 6,000 gallons of fuel was matched to a company called Nutrecycle located in Tipton, Iowa. Nutrecycle will use the hydrochloric acid within their processes to make biodiesel and use the fuel for a variety of different projects.

For more information about the Iowa Waste Exchange, visit the program website here.

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