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Hazardous Substance Remedial Fund and Sites Registry

The Hazardous Substance Remedial Fund and Sites Registry (Registry) fulfill obligations under Sections 455B.424, 455B.426 and 455B.427 of the Code of Iowa. These sections require a full accounting to the Legislature and the Governor regarding the Hazardous Substance Remedial Fund and a report regarding sites listed on the Registry of Hazardous Waste Disposal Sites each January.  The web site is updated annually and as new information becomes available throughout the year. 

Reports for prior years are available by contacting Matt Graesch at

Restriction on the Sale and Change in Use of Property

When a site is listed on the Registry, a notice of listing is recorded in the county recorders office and becomes part of the property chain of title.  Iowa Code section 455B.430 prohibits (1) any "substantial change" in the use of a listed property without prior written approval by the Director of the Iowa DNR; and (2) any sale, conveyance or transfer of title to the property without the Director's prior approval.  Property owners should submit a written request for approval to the Director of the Iowa DNR explaining the planned change in use or the proposed sale of the property.  The Director is required to respond within thirty days.  Property owners may appeal an adverse decision of the Director and request an administrative hearing.  See Iowa Code section 455B.430(3).

If the Director has reason to believe there has been a substantial change in use or sale without prior approval, an action may be filed in Iowa District Court to enjoin the activity and assess a penalty up to $1,000 per day of violation.

Registry of Hazardous Waste Disposal Sites

The department maintains an assessment file for each site listed in the Registry. These files are available through the Iowa DNR Records Center in Des Moines, Iowa. Individual site records may also be accessed through the contaminated sites database.  For most sites, these files contain a summary of comprehensive site investigations.  The site information package contains a detailed review of the site and is used as the basis for listing and classifying the sites in the Registry.  However, not all the known hazardous waste or contaminated sites that exist in the state are listed on the Registry. Contact Matt Graesch at for further information regarding specific locations or sites.

Classification Categories

All sites listed on the Registry are classified according to the relative priority listing for remedial action at the site.  During the initial listing, the site must be placed in one of the four alphabetical priority classifications ("a", "b", "c", or "d").  While a site is listed on the Registry, its classification can be changed because of site cleanup activities or because of new information about the site.  The five classification categories are specified in Section 455B.427.3 of the Code of Iowa.

Registered Sites by County with Priority Classifications

The following table shows the counties that contain registered sites along with the priority classifications, the year added to the registry, and the primary contaminant for each site. The list is in alphabetical order by the county in which the sites are located and then by the site name. 

Primary Contaminant Legend

Registry of Hazardous Waste or Hazardous Substance Disposal Sites

County Name

Site Name


Year Listed

Primary Contaminant(s)

 Clinton  Todtz Farm (Camanche Landfill) B 1989 Metals / VOCs
 Dallas  Progressive Foundry (Former Waste Disposal Site) D 1991 Foundry Waste / Metals
 Des Moines  United States of America (IAAP) B 1986 Munitions / RDX / TNT
 Dubuque  John Deere Sanitary Landfill D 1991 Metals
 Floyd  LaBounty Site D 1984 Metals / VOCs
 Shaw Avenue Dump Site D 1990 Metals / VOCs
 Franklin  United Hydraulics D 1989 VOCs / Metals / BTEX
 Hardin  Iowa Falls Coal Gas D 1990 BTEX / PAHs
 Iowa  Amana Refrigeration, Inc D 1993 VOCs
 Jasper  Newton Dump Site D 1984 Metals
 Jefferson  Fairfield Coal Gasification Plant D 1989 PAHs
 Lee  Fort Madison Landfill (Rodeo Dump / Park) D 1989 Metals / VOCs
 Linn  US Nameplate B 1984 VOCs
 Ralston Site D 1990 Metals / VOCs
 Mahaska  Mitrisin Disposal Site (Clow Corporation) D 1984 Foundry Waste / Metals
 Marion  Rolscreen D 1990 PCP Preservative
 Montgomery  Red Oak Landfill D 1986 VOCs
 Muscatine  Brei Landfill D 1990 VOCs
 Monsanto Company D 1990 Pesticides
 Scott  Davenport Coal Gas D 1990 PAHs
 Hopkins, RV (Sludgemaster, Barriers, Inc) D 1984 Metals
 Sioux  Vogal Paint & Wax Company D 1984 Metals / VOCs
 Story  Ames Laboratory, Chemical Disposal Site D 1991 Radiological
 Union  Wellman Dynamics / Fansteel Corporation C 1992 Radiological / Acids
 Woodbury  Mid America Tanning D 1989 Metals
 Wright  Belmond Pesticide Disposal Site D 1984 Chlorinated Pesticides