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Construction Permit Exemptions

Exemptions are listed in the DNR's administrative rules; they are found in subrule 22.1(2) of 567 IAC.

The administrative rules can be easily accessed on the Internet at by following the following steps:
  • Under Popular Publications, click on "Iowa Administrative Code"
  • The agency is "Natural Resources Department [561]" - "Environmental Protection Commission [567]"
    • Click on "Chapters"
  • Chapter 22 (Controlling Pollution), Click on "pdf" or "rules"
  • Exemptions are listed at the beginning of the chapter under 22.1(2)

A hard copy of the administrative rules may also be obtained at the DNR records center. If you questions on any of the exemptions, call 1-877-AIR-IOWA (1-877-247-4692).