Project AWARE 2015, canoe removing trash
Project AWARE, A Watershed Awareness River Expedition

Project AWARE isn’t for the person who’s afraid to get a little dirt under his or her fingernails. While most of your time is spent in a canoe or kayak, you are still fully immersed in the wilderness and eventually you’re bound to get dirty. Prepare to find mud in awkward places and potentially stinky things in your canoe. Most people find this aspect appealing; remembering the days when they were just kids playing in the mud... 

Intrigued? Check out our Project AWARE: Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Increase awareness about, and community involvement in, water quality issues that impact the health of Iowa's aquatic resources.
  • Engage Iowa's citizen volunteers in a project that challenges them to become stewards of the river and produces a tangible, quantitative result.
  • Demonstrate the commitment of Iowa's citizens by giving of themselves and their valuable time to make a difference - one stretch of river, one piece of trash at a time.

Join us for a day, a couple of days, or the entire week.

For More Information: Lynette Seigley (319) 351-9393,

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources' Project AWARE is not related to nor affiliated with that of the Stitching Project AWARE’s name and website.”

Recap - Project AWARE 2016

Lower Des Moines River
Eldon (Wapello Co.) to Turkey Run Access (Lee Co.)

River Miles: 52 miles
Participants: 329
Sponsors: 82
Total Trash Removed – 40.0 tons (80,062 lbs)
Trash Recycled: 77% (61,422 lbs; 30.7 tons)

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Project AWARE 2016 Daily Pictures:
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Project AWARE 2016