Lodges (Day Use Only)

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If you are unfamiliar with a park lodge and its associated amenities, it is strongly recommended that you contact the park office PRIOR to making a lodge reservation. You can arrange for a tour of the facility through the park staff.

If your party size is greater than the stated seating occupancy found on the reservation website, you should contact the park office PRIOR TO RESERVING to determine whether or not the facility and amenities can accommodate your event. Failure to do so may result in cancellation of the reservation and forfeiture of reservation transaction fees.

Visit our reservation website at http://iowastateparks.reserveamerica.com to view a listing of lodge rules, cleaning procedures, key pick-up/drop-off and damage deposit information, lodge amenities and photographs for each lodge to help you in your planning effort.

Day Use Lodge Cleaning Procedures

Day Use Lodge General Use Rules

Keg Procedures for Day Use Lodge

General Reservation Information:

  • Reservations will be accepted up to 12 months in advance.
  • Lodges may be reserved for multiple consecutive days. Customers may occupy the lodge beginning at 8:00 a.m. (CST) on the first day of rental. However, customers and their guests must vacate the facility and park by 10:00 p.m. each day the lodge is rented. Customers and their guests may occupy the facility on the following day beginning at 8:00 a.m. (CST).
  • A nonrefundable reservation fee shall be charged for each reservation made. Rental fees are due at the time the reservation is made.
  • Customers will now be able to pay for lodge reservations using Visa, MasterCard, or Discover. Checks and money orders will also be accepted. Checks and money orders must be received within 10 days from making the reservation or the reservation will be voided.
  • If paying by credit card or debit card (backed by Visa/MasterCard), the last day to make a lodge reservation during the peak season of May 1-September 30 is 4 days prior to the arrival date.
  • If paying by credit card or debit card (backed by Visa/MasterCard), the last day to make a lodge reservation during the off season of October 1-April 30 is 7 days prior to the arrival date.
  • If paying by check or money order, the last day to make a lodge reservation for any date is 21 days prior to the arrival date.
  • Customers will be allowed to change a reservation. A $5 change fee will apply. The last day to change an existing reservation (dates, park, etc.) is 15 days prior to the original reservation date. All reservation changes must be handled through the reservation call center.

Damage Deposit Policy:

  • A damage deposit in an amount equal to the weekend daily rate or $50, whichever is greater, is required. The damage deposit is handled through the park office. Payment method of the deposit varies from park to park. Please check the damage deposit information on the park reservation system to determine if the check must be mailed in prior to your rental date or if it can be received upon arrival to the lodge.
  • Damage deposits will be refunded by the park staff only after inspection by authorized personnel to ensure the facility and furnishings are in satisfactory condition.
  • If it is necessary for Department personnel to clean up the facility or repair any damage beyond ordinary wear and tear, a log of the time spent in such cleanup or repair shall be kept. The damage deposit refund will be reduced by an amount equivalent to the applicable hourly wage of the employees for the time necessary to clean the area or repair the damage and the cost of any furnishings.
  • The deposit is not to be construed as a limit of liability for damage to state property. The Department may take legal action necessary to recover additional damage.

Cancellation Policy:
Customers may cancel a reservation for any reason up to the actual arrival date. A cancellation fee applies and will be deducted from the rental fees to be refunded, $5.00 online and $7.00 through the call center. Additional penalty fees may apply. Cancellations will be handled through the call center only.
Cancellations that occur up to 30 days prior to the arrival date will be assessed a cancellation fee and remaining rental fees refunded.

  • Cancellations that occur 15-29 days prior to arrival will be assessed a cancellation fee and forfeiture of one day's rental fee.
  • Cancellations that occur less than 15 days prior to arrival date up to the actual arrival date will be assessed a cancellation fee and forfeiture of two day's rental fees. There will be no refund of rental fees for a one-day rental.