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Flood Plain Mapping

Map of Iowa, Floodplain Mapping Status April 2014The DNR, along with the Iowa Flood Center, FEMA and other partners, is creating new, comprehensive, accurate floodplain maps for Iowa cities and counties. Starting in 2013, many Iowans will know if their property is at risk from flooding for the first time, as many Iowa communities have never had accurate floodplain maps.

These work maps can't be used for flood insurance purposes, but they will show the boundaries of flooded areas for the 1 percent annual chance (100-year) and 0.2 percent annual chance (500-year) floods. FEMA and floodplain mapping consultants hired by the DNR will develop the work maps so they can be published as Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs), which can be used for flood insurance purposes. As the work maps and FIRMs become available, individuals and local governments can use that information to better determine risks to protect their properties.

Floodplain Mapping Status
Status Level Explanations
Watershed by Watershed: Mapping Your Flood Risk
Iowa Statewide Floodplain Mapping Program Presentation: Dec 2014
Map - Sequence of Iowa Watersheds and Counties To Be Mapped (January 2013 Map)
Iowa Flood Center
Iowa Flood Center - Floodplain Mapping Portal

Draft Flood Hazard Product Review Meetings

The IDNR partnered with the Iowa Flood Center (IFC) at the University of Iowa and contracted with seven (7) nationally recognized floodplain mapping firms, to develop flood hazard studies throughout the State.  One goal of these flood hazard studies is to develop new base-level (approximate) flood hazard areas (Zone A areas) and incorporate existing enhanced-level (detailed) flood hazard data (Zone AE areas) into digital and hard copy maps that can be used by communities to better understand, manage and mitigate flood risk.  In addition to the 1% annual chance (100-year) flood event, the 0.2% (500-year) annual chance flood event will also be mapped. The flood studies were completed in compliance with the standards established by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and will in the future become part of the regulatory Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) and Flood Insurance Study (FIS) for your community.

A meeting has been scheduled to inform the communities within the respective counties listed below of the results, impacts and next steps of the new mapping.

County Meeting Date
Meeting Time
Location Conference Call Date
Conference Call Time
 Clarke 2/2/2015 9 am
Clarke County Courthouse, Multipurpose Room, 100 South Main Street, Osceola, IA 50213 1/15/2015 9 am
 Decatur 2/2/2015 2 pm
Community Center, Northeast Room, 203 Northeast 2nd Street, Leon, IA 50144 1/15/2015 11 am
 Wayne 2/3/2015 9 am
Wayne County Courthouse,  Meeting Room, 100 North Lafayette, Corydon, IA 50060 1/15/2015 1 pm
 Appanoose 2/3/2015 2 pm
City Hall, 312 East Maple Street, Centerville, IA 52544 1/15/2015 3 pm
 Davis 2/4/2015 9 am
Southern Iowa Electric Co-Op, Training Room, 22458 Hwy 2, Bloomfield, IA 52537 1/16/2015 9 am
 Monroe 2/4/2015 2 pm
Monroe County Courthouse, Supervisor's Office, 10 Benton Avenue East, Albia, IA 52531 1/16/2015 11 am
 Marion 2/5/2015 9 am
Marion County Public Health Office, Training Room, 2003 North Lincoln, Knoxville, IA 50138
1/16/2015 1 pm
 Lucas 2/5/2015 2 pm
Lucas County Conservation, 45996 State Hwy 14, Chariton, IA 50049 1/16/2015 3 pm

For more information:

Scott Ralston
DNR Floodplain Mapping Coordinator
Chris Ensminger
DNR GIS Supervisor