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IHAP lands may be in the "establishment stage" of wildlife habitat restoration, or have wildlife management practices occurring, which may alter the habitat in a particular hunting season.

Iowa Habitat and Access Program (IHAP) - Statewide Locator Map

IHAP Maps:
Game Key: D=deer, T=turkey, S=squirrel, P=pheasant, G=grouse, W=waterfowl, R=rabbit, Q=quail, Dv=dove

Area Game  Acreage/Description Location/Directions
IHAP Adams  D,T,S,P,R,Q,Dv  167 Acres; Mixed  1.5 miles S of Carbon on Elm Ave. 
IHAP Buena Vista     P,W,Dv  80 Acres; Grassland  7 miles N of Newell on M54, 0.5 mile E on 550th St.
IHAP Butler 1 D,T,P,W,R,Dv
42 Acres; Mixed
0.5 mile W of Aredale on C23, 1 mile S on Franklin Ave.
IHAP Butler 2 D,T,P,W,R,Dv
24 Acres; Mixed 1 mile N of Dumont on T16 / Clay Ave.
IHAP Butler 3
371 Acres; Mixed
S of Dumont on S side of Hwy 3
IHAP Butler 4 D,T,S,P,W,R,Dv
23 Acres; Mixed E edge of Dumont on Hwy 3
IHAP Butler 5 D,T,P,W,R,Dv 43 Acres; Mixed
2.5 miles E of Dumont on Hwy 3,1.5 miles S on Grand Ave, access only through Big Marsh WMA
IHAP Calhoun
D,T,P 88 Acres; Mixed
0.5 mile W of Lake City on Hwy 175, 0.5 mile S on Harris Ave, 0.5 mile W on Harrah Dr, curve S to 375th St, 0.5 mile W on 375th St 
IHAP Cass 1  D,P,R,Q,Dv  75 Acres; Grassland  1 mile S of Anita on Hwy 148, 2 miles E on G27 / Glendale Rd. 
IHAP Cass 2 D,P,R,Q,Dv  200 Acres; Grassland  4 miles N of Massena on Hwy 148, 2 miles E on Newport Rd.
IHAP Cerro Gordo     D,T,S,P,R,Dv  48.5 Acres; Mixed  2 miles S of Rock Falls on S62, 0.5 mile E on 295th St. 
IHAP Clarke 1 
D,T,S,P,R,Q,Dv 434 Acres; Mixed 3 miles S of Woodburn on 310th Ave, 2.5 miles W on H45
IHAP Clarke 2 D,T,P,R,Q,Dv 196 Acres; Grassland 5 miles N of Leroy on R69, 0.5 mile E on Mormon Trl.
IHAP Clarke 3 D,P,R,Q,Dv 67 Acres; Grassland 5 miles N of Leroy on R69, 1.5 miles E on Mormon Trl.
IHAP Clarke 4 D,T,S,P,R,Q,Dv 295 Acres; Mixed    5 miles E of Murray on Hwy 34, 6 miles S on Lacelle Rd/R25, 0.25 mile W on Doyle, 1 mile S on 178 Ave, 1 mile W on Church St.
IHAP Clarke 5 D,T,S,P,R,Q,Dv 215 Acres; Mixed 1.5 miles N of Weldon on 250th Ave.

IHAP Clarke 6 D,P,R,Q,Dv 76 Acres; Grassland     4 mile E of Weldon on J12, 1 mile N on 290th Ave.  
IHAP Clarke 7 D,T,P,R,Q,Dv 230 Acres; Grassland      7 mile E of Weldon on J12, 0.5 mile N on 320th Ave.
IHAP Clarke 8 D,P,R,Q,Dv

160 Acres; Grassland

1.5 miles N of Weldon on R48, 5 miles E on Mormon Trail
IHAP Clarke 9
D,T,S,P,R,Q,Dv 40 Acres; Mixed
1 mile E of Woodburn on Idaho St
D,P,W 187 Acres; Mixed
3 miles W of Ruthven on Hwy 18, 3 miles N on N18, 1.5 miles W on 330th St
IHAP Clinton D,S,P,W,R,Q,Dv 135 Acres; Grassland   6 miles E of Lost Nation on E55/150th St.
IHAP Decatur    D,T,S,P,R,Q,Dv  280 Acres; Mixed  1.5 miles E of Pleasanton on J66                  
IHAP Fayette D,T,P 123 Acres; Mixed
2.5 miles W of Clermont on B40/Great River Rd.
IHAP Hancock  P,W  188 Acres; Grassland  4 miles E of Garner on Hwy 18, N on Yale / R70. 
IHAP Iowa D,P,R,Dv  68 Acres; Grassland  6 miles W of Millersburg on F52, 0.75 mile S on B Ave. 
IHAP Jackson 1  D,T,S,R  160 Acres; Mixed  6.5 miles S of Bernard on Y31, 1 mile W on 206th St. 
IHAP Jackson 2  D,T,S,P,R,Dv  183 Acres; Mixed  2 miles N of Bellevue on Hwy 52, 4 miles W on 308th St. 
IHAP Jackson 3
D,T,S,P,R,Dv 238 Acres; Mixed
1.5 miles N of Sabula on Hwy 52, 2.5 miles W on 64th St
IHAP Keokuk 1 D,P,Q,Dv 103 Acres; Grassland 2 miles E of Sigourney on Hwy 92, 0.5 mile S on 230th Ave.
IHAP Keokuk 2 D,P,R,Q,Dv 317 Acres; Grassland  2 miles E of Kinross on Hwy 22, 0.5 mile S on Keokuk/Washington Rd.
IHAP Lucas 1 D,T,S,P,R,Q,Dv 202 Acres; Mixed  8 miles NE of Chariton on Hwy 14, 2.5 miles E on 560th Ave.
IHAP Lucas 2 D,T,S,P,R,Dv 192 Acres; Grassland 4 miles S of Chariton on Hwy 14, 2.5 miles E on H50, 1.5 miles S on S43
IHAP Lyon  D,T,S,P,W,R     244 Acres; Mixed          1.5 miles N of Doon on Garfield
IHAP Mahaska 1 P,W,R,Q,Dv 151 Acres; Grassland 2 miles E of Bussey on G71, 2 miles N on Barrows Ave.
IHAP Mahaska 2
D,T,P,S,R,Q,Dv 88 Acres; Mixed
SE of Beacon on T39, cross Des Moines River, 1.5 miles W on 290th St, 1 mile N on Fairfax Ave, 2 miles W on G62. 
IHAP Monona 1
D,P,Q 93 Acres; Mixed
2.75 miles S of Rodney on L12, 1.5 miles E on L20 to Ticonic, 1 mile S on Oak Ave, 1 mile W on 140th St
IHAP Monona 2
385 Acres; Mixed
2.75 miles S of Rodney on L12, 1.5 miles E on L20 to Ticonic, 1.75 miles S on Oak Ave
IHAP Page  D,T,S,P,R,Q,Dv 120 Acres; Grassland  2.5 miles E of Coin on J52, 0.5 mile N on Kiwi Ave. 
IHAP Palo Alto
 P 164 Acres; Grassland
3.5 miles W of Emmetsburg
IHAP Ringgold D,R,P,Q,Dv 263 Acres; Grassland      Just NW of Delphos on J43
IHAP Sac 1
P,W,DV  80 Acres; Wetland      3 miles E of Odebolt on Hwy 175, 0.5 mile N on Ira Ave. 
IHAP Sac 2 D,T,P,W 40 Acres; Mixed
3.5 miles W of Sac City on old Hwy 20, 0.5 mile S on Needham Ave.
IHAP Sac 3
D,T,W 68 Acres; Mixed
6 miles SE of Lake View on Hwy 71, 3.5 miles E on 350th St
IHAP Tama D,P,W,R,Dv 93 Acres; Grassland 0.5 mile W of Chelsea on 360th St, N on S Ave.
IHAP Union 1  D,T,S,P,R,Q,Dv 128 Acres; Mixed  1.5 miles NW of Afton on Hwy 34, 0.5 mile N on 2 Lakes Dr.
IHAP Union 2 D,T,S,P,R,Q,Dv 301 Acres; Mixed  Just W of Thayer on Hwy 34 
IHAP Union 3  D,T,S,P,R,Q,Dv  84 Acres; Grassland  Just W of Thayer on Thayer Lake Rd. 
IHAP Wayne 1  D,T,S,P,R,Q,Dv 80 Acres; Grassland 6 miles S of Allerton on S26, 1 mile E on Davis
IHAP Wayne 2  D,T,S,P,R,Q,Dv 380 Acres; Mixed          9 miles S of Humeston on Hwy 65
IHAP Wayne 4
D,T,S,P,R,Q,Dv 430 Acres; Mixed
12 miles E of Leon on Hwy 2, 1.5 miles N on 25th St, 1.5 miles W on Ohio Rd
IHAP Winneshiek
D,T,P,R,Dv 138 Acres; Grassland  2.5 miles S of Ridgeway on W14, 3 miles W on 220th St.
IHAP Woodbury 1
D,P,W,Q,Dv  230 Acres; Grassland 3 miles W of Anthon on D30, continue 1 mile W on 195th St, 1 mile S on Kossuth Ave.
IHAP Woodbury 2
D,T,P 143 Acres; Mixed
1.75 miles W of Anthon on D30
IHAP Worth 1 D,T,S,P,W,R,Dv 57 Acres; Mixed
1 mile W of Northwood on 105, 1.5 miles N on A15, W on Marks Hill Rd, N on Kingbird
IHAP Worth 3
98 Acres; Mixed
2 miles N of Kensett on 65, 4.5 miles W on A34, S on Killdeer Ave.
IHAP Wright  D,T,S,P,W,R,Dv  57 Acres; Mixed Just NW of Goldfield on 210th St/C32           

Hunting Atlas
View properties enrolled in IHAP in an interactive map along with all other land that allows public hunting in the state.  The new Hunting Atlas shows all lands open to public hunting, totaling over 600,000 acres.  The Hunting Atlas also gives basic information about those areas such as: acres, general habitat description, expected species and links to more information and maps, if available. It will also tell a user what hunting zones any area of the state falls into.

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