NPDES Wastewater Forms


There are several types of forms that are required to be submitted to comply with IDNR's individual and general NPDES permits.  The basic types of forms are listed below.  Please follow the links for more information on and links to the forms.

Individual Permit Application Forms

For industrial, operation/ land application, agricultural/ livestock truck wash, municipal - water treatment, municipal, and semi-public facilities.  Also contains additional forms used in the application process (Wasteload allocation form, treatment agreement form, variance request form).

Application forms for an NPDES permit for an Animal Feeding Operation are available on the AFO Forms page.

General Permit Forms, Notices of Intent (NOI), and Notices of Discontinuation (NOD)

NPDES Fee Invoices

Discharge Monitoring Report (DMR) Forms

Information on facility-specific monitoring report forms for individual NPDES permittees, both electronic and paper.  Also known as Monthly Operating Report forms, or MORs.

Other Wastewater Forms and Information

Questions Regarding NPDES Wastewater Forms

If you have questions on any of the above forms, please contact Courtney Cswercko at