Combined Operations


Livestock producers who have animals in confinement (totally roofed) and open feedlot (partially roofed or unroofed) facilities face a somewhat more complex situation than producers who have only one type of housing.

They may need a national pollutant discharge elimination system (NPDES) permit required by federal regulations. See Current Requirements for Combined Operations for more information on NPDES permits. The EPA has recently made some rule changes regarding concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) due to court cases. The Iowa DNR administers these rules and goes through the normal rulemaking process to implement these rules. The EPA rules and rule history are available on its CAFO website.

The confinement portion of the operations will need to follow state regulations when operating or building a confinement facility. For existing confinement feeding operations, most requirements concern manure management and land application. See Current Requirements or Manure Management under Confinements for more information.

Proposed new and existing confinement feeding operations that plan to expand or modify the operation should check the Construction Requirements to see if a permit is needed. If so, allow enough time to have a construction permit approved prior to building.

The open feedlot portion of the operation will need to follow state regulations for open feedlots. Check Current Requirements, Construction Requirements and Nutrient Management for specific provisions.