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White Pine Hollow State Forest

White Pine Hollow is located in northwest Dubuque County, just northwest of the town of Luxemburg. This 944 acre area consists of a 712 acre state preserve, dedicated in 1968 and 232 acres of state forest. The area was given preserve status to protect one of Iowa's oldest and largest natural stands of White Pine. In 1972 the National Park Service designated the area a National Natural Landmark.
While it is understood that the unique white pine forest needs protection, it is also clear that it cannot sustain itself withoutWhite Pines intervention. In several places within the preserve the white pine has succumbed to natural forces and has been replaced by later successional species such as sugar maple. Some attempts at pine regeneration were made, but without severe site disturbance the pine component will eventually disappear.
The 232 acres not included in the preserve are a mixture of open land and oak-hickory forest. This portion is managed for timber and wildlife.
Two federally listed threatened or endangered animals, the Indiana bat and the Pleistocene snail have been recorded on the area. The area is home to several species of deep woods migratory birds and wildlife normally found in northeast Iowa. The area is open to hunting and provides good turkey and deer hunting.
The endangered northern wild monkshood is known to occur on the area, as well as a number of other rare plants including mermaid weed, golden saxifrage, highbush cranberry, nodding onion, and spotted coral root. Recently garlic mustard, an invasive woodland species, has been found on the preserve. Collection of plants and mushrooms is prohibited within the preserve.
Numerous deep sinks and caverns occur in the limestone bedrock on the area. Springs welling out of the bluffs contribute to the cold water stream that runs through the area. Many limestone outcrops, the result of erosion over thousands of years, have created the rock city in the northern part of the preserve. Several algid slopes occur on the area adding to the area's unique natural value. A number of caves in the limestone outcrops provide sites for several species of bats to hibernate.
White Pine Hollow is accessed by a road from the east and a road from the south. Small parking areas are provide at the end of each road and next to the county road on the east. The area offers hiking and hunting. Equestrians, ATV’s and off road vehicles are prohibited.
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Yellow River State Forest, 729 State Forest Road
Harpers Ferry, IA. 52146.