The Iowa Wildlife Action Plan


“Securing a Future for Fish and Wildlife: A Conservation Legacy for Iowans”

First approved in 2006, the Iowa Wildlife Action Plan (IWAP) is a 25-year strategy for conservation of all wildlife in Iowa. The IWAP is a proactive plan designed to conserve all wildlife in Iowa before they become rare and more costly to protect.

Developed by a coalition of scientists, sportsmen and women, conservationists, and members of the public, this plan can help us protect wildlife and the places they live for future generations. If the steps in the action plan are successfully carried out, Iowa will have cleaner water and air - a healthy environment for people and wildlife.

The 2015 comprehensive review and revision to the Plan has now been completed and approved, and is available for download.

Iowa Wildlife Action Plan Table of Contents
Iowa Wildlife Action Plan Executive Summary
Iowa Wildlife Action Plan Chapters 1-11 (199 pages, 12 MB)
Iowa Wildlife Action Plan Appendices 1-24 (169 pages, 6 MB)

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