Osprey Cam - 2017 [Live Feed]

Live Cam provided by Wells Fargo
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*Viewer Alert:
In the wild, not every story has a happy ending. While we enjoy following the exploits of these amazing raptors, images of them dispatching prey and the young competing for survival can be graphic and upsetting to some viewers.

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Osprey Cam - History

The surviving three young from last year’s successful nesting will stay in South America this year.  This is an evolutionary strategy that benefits the Osprey population.  Most mortality occurs during migration.  Common loons are another of the few species that exhibit this benefit of delayed return migration their first year. 

With the first of April approaching, the adults from last year and the 2015 young are beginning their return to Iowa. If Wells Fargo young from 2015 is surviving it might be included in any additional Ospreys at the nest site. Two year-old youngsters from 2015 will roam around Iowa until choosing a mate and nest site when they are four or five years of age. 

In 2016 there were 24 Osprey nest attempts that we knew about. Twenty two successful nests produced 42 young. There are three pairs separate from release sites at Independence in Buchanan County and Colfax in Jasper County. 

Thank you to the staff at Wells Fargo West Des Moines campus for providing the camera that allowed viewers to enjoy these unique hawks from incubation to first flight. There have been 25 nesting pairs of ospreys reported this year in Iowa. The first successful nesting since European settlement was at Spirit Lake and Iowa City in 2003.

Snapshot: June 6, 2017

June 6, 2017 9:49AM, Wells Fargo