Realty Services

Land Acquisition and Donation Program:

The Department of Natural Resources purchases land to manage and protect natural resources and to provide recreational opportunities to all the people of the state. Through the land acquisition program, wetlands, forests, scenic areas, prairies, wildlife and fish habitat, rare species habitat, and other resources are being protected and managed.

Land Management Program:
DNR land management services include handling land title issues, unauthorized land use issues, boundary agreements, and drainage district issues. Land use agreements such as leases, permits, management agreements, and the issuance of easements are negotiated by land management personnel. Other services include facilitating state title transfers to other government agencies, agricultural lease program coordination and oversight, contracting for land surveys, building disposal, and management of DNR field office leases.

Conservation Easement Program:
Conservation easements are a voluntary, legal means to protect and preserve land. There are many types of conservation easements including wetlands easements, angler and hunter access easements, trail and portage easements and forest, farm, ranchland protection easements to name a few. Conservation easements assist in protecting and improving water quality, wildlife habitat and natural resources in general. They are used to promote the personal desires of the landowner as well as preserving, protecting and improving the overall quality and character of the natural resources for future generations.

For more information about these and other Realty programs, contact our Realty staff:

Travis Baker
Land and Waters Bureau Chief
(515)725-8457 office
(515)577-7798 cell
(515)725-8458  fax
Rick Hansen
Land Projects
(515)291-6232 cell
(515)725-8458  fax

Steve Salsberry, MAI
Review Appraiser
Conservation Easement Coordinator
(515)725-8459 office
(515)725-8458  fax

Todd Rozendaal
Land Management
(515)725-8460 office
(515)725-8458  fax
Stacey Sipe-Smith
Land Management 
(515)725-8461 office 
(515)725-8458 fax

DNR Appraisal Guidelines - Grant Reimbursement - Revised Jan. 2016 – Effective Jan. 1, 2016
DNR Appraisal Guidelines - For IA CGs - Revised Jan. 2016 – Effective Jan. 1, 2016
Appraisal guidelines to assist either grant applicators and their contracted certified appraisers in performing appraisals for grant reimbursement or general certified appraisers contracted by the DNR for performing appraisals on behalf of the DNR.

Lease to Beginning Farmers Program
The Lease to Beginning Farmers Program provides opportunities for beginning farmers to lease agricultural land that the DNR holds and manages for Wildlife Habitat.  For questions or further details please contact Todd Rozendaal.

The certification period for the 2018 crop year is now open.
DNR Lease to Beginning Farmer Program, 2017 IADD Certification Form
Deadline: December 1, 2017

Property Taxes
The Iowa Department of Natural Resources does, in fact, pay property taxes on some DNR owned land.
Property taxes paid each county Fiscal Year (FY) 2015
Property taxes paid each county Fiscal Year (FY) 2015  (via Habitat Stamp funding)
Property taxes paid each county Fiscal Year (FY) 2015 (via REAP funding)

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