Land donors honored during reception in Des Moines

Almost 6,800 acres of Iowa land in 36 counties with an estimated gift value of more than $10.2 million was permanently protected through donations for conservation.

The landowners, families and organizations associated with the 39 donations of land or land value will be recognized during a ceremony on April 5, from 9:45 to 11 a.m., in the Legislative Dining Room 15, at the State Capitol, in Des Moines. Iowa Lieutenant Governor Kim Reynolds is scheduled to attend.

+ Anderson, Ann and Sigurd
+ Andrews, Kenneth and Shirley
+Aossey, Ace and Polly
+Aschenbrenner, John and Susan
+Beaumont, Steve
+Burke, Cindy and Kevin
+Crisman, in memory of Eugene and Mary
+DeCook, Mike
+DeYoung, Bernice
+Eness, Paul and Margot
+Etler, Larry and JoEllen
+Francisco, Kim and Marsha
+G.C. Farms, Inc.
+Gunderson, Helen
+Haller, Dennis and Janet
+Horsley, Joel and Maureen
+Iowa Interstate Railroad, Ltd.
+Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation
+Jordan Acres, LLC.
+Kent, Conrad, Margarita Campos Kent and Marcia
+Klingman, Gary and Nancy
+Klingman, Mace and Kristin
+Krambeer, Harold and Deanna
+Kuehn, Jerry and Jane
+Langesen family
+Loess Hills Sunrise Trophies, Inc.
+Mountain, Bruce G.
+Neff Family Properties, Inc.
+North Manhattan Beach Company
+Peterson, Dale
+Pleasant Grove Land Preservation, Inc.
+Savage, Rahn and Dorian
+Sawvell , Donald and Linda
+Schlunz, Leo
+Shivvers, Charlotte, Martha Skillman and Marietta
+Van Deusen, Dick and David Hughes
+Ware, Joshua