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Solid Waste Permitting

The DNR regulates the construction, operation and closure of facilities and projects that manage, process and dispose solid waste. This website provides information and tools to help facilities with the permitting process, including forms, contacts and information on code requirements.

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Solid Waste Permitting Web Application

Solid Waste Permitting Web Application

The solid waste application tracks permit amendments, renewals and report submittals for solid waste facilities. The application also contains basic facility information such as permit numbers, facility contacts, project locations and permit expiration dates. All incoming and outgoing documents are converted to an electronic format and are available for public viewing using the Electronic Document Retrieval report.

For specific facility information, please contact a Solid Waste Contacts

Waiver Request Form

Pursuant to 561 Iowa Administrative Code Chapter 10, Waivers from
Administrative Rules, a petitioner must provide comprehensive justification of a proposed request for a waiver to an administrative rule as adopted by the Department.

This form will assist you in providing all pertinent information that is necessary for the Department to grant a waiver. The form must be submitted to the Department and must contain an adequate amount of factual and concise
information. The obligation rests with the petitioner to provide convincing evidence to justify the granting of a waiver. You may provide additional information or attach additional pages if needed. The Department
reserves the right to require additional information to further support request
for a waiver.

LQB Waiver Request Form (542-0004)

Solid Waste Programs

Facilities that store, process and recycle waste tires are required to have a permit for their operation through the department. all facilities must store tires in a manner to reduce risk of fire or environmental impact. Quick facts for waste tire facilities:

  • Permit required, $850 annual fee
  • Permitted waste tire storage facilities must carry a bond equivalent to $.85 per tire stored
  • Permitted tire processing facilities may only store the amount of tires they can process in three working days. additional storage requires a bond of $.85 per tire
  • A permitted processor may only store a maximum of 50,000 tires in any combination of processing capacity or financial assurance
  • Open burning of any type is prohibited at a tire processing/storage facility
  • Tire piles at a permitted storage facility must be 300 feet from the nearest property line
  • Tire piles at a tire processing facility must be 50 feet from any property line or building on site

State laws and rules for waste tire storage/processing facilities

Application and reporting documents

DNR ContactMel Pins, 515-725-8344, mel.pins@dnr.iowa.gov