Iowa Comprehensive Petroleum Underground Storage Tank Fund Board

All activities are coordinated with the Iowa Comprehensive Petroleum Underground Storage Tank (UST) Fund Board, a ten member board that administers the state UST fund. The Board uses the fund for several purposes including:

  • Cleanup of release of petroleum products.
  • A remedial fund to investigate and clean up certain past petroleum contamination from underground storage tanks.

Upcoming Meetings: 

October 27, 2022
December 15, 2022
March 24, 2023
June 22, 2023

Meeting location: 

Agenda and Board Packet

Any questions relating to the UST fund and eligibility requirements, contact the fund administrator.

Iowa Underground Storage Tank Financial Responsibility Program
502 E 9th St
Des Moines, IA 50319

Phone: 515-829-2770 
Fax: 515-725-8202   

Documents and Forms
UST Fund Board Members

  • Administrator - James Gastineau
  • Chairperson - Douglas M Beech
  • Karen E Andeweg
  • Patricia Beck
  • Joseph D Barry
  • Lisa Coffelt
  • Michael L Fitzgerald
  • Timothy Gartin
  • Kayla Lyon
  • John Maynes
  • Jeff W Robinson
UST Fund Board Resources