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New 2023 AFO Application

The Iowa DNR has completed an overhaul of the original Animal Feeding Operation database and combined it with the eMMP online submittal tool into one easy to use application. The new online tool named AFO, allows livestock and poultry owners to submit their annual manure management plan (MMP) updates and fees and can be used by the public to search information about sites they are interested in.

Electronic MMP User Information

This system allows users to electronically submit an MMP annual short form update, pay for a short form, and pay for a long form.

DNR Online Services

  • AFO Database
    The Animal Feeding Operations Database is an application that the public can use to access information about DNR’s regulated livestock and poultry facilities.
  • AFO Siting Atlas
    The AFO Siting Atlas is an interactive map to assist in the siting of animal feeding operations. This application can be used to determine if a potential building or expansion location is in karst terrain or alluvial soils, or near a major water source.
  • Burial Zone Map
    This interactive map can assist producers in selecting animal burial zones, that are classified as low, medium or high risk based on a number of environmental factors.
  • Interactive Mapping
    DNR’s page for interactive mapping provides a way to readily obtain information and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data without having specialized GIS software.
  • Manure Discharge Chart
    The Manure Discharge Chart documents discharges from animal feeding operations that reach a water of the state. The chart documents discharges from September, 2013 to the present, and is updated at the beginning of each month. Questions regarding the chart can be directed to Kelli Book at 515-210-3408 or
  • Well Data
    Private water supply well records that are available as public records can be found in the Private Well Tracking System (PWTS) database. This online database contains information for some (not all) of the wells installed in Iowa.

+ Search Animal Feeding Operations

The online Animal Feeding Operations application lets you access information about DNR’s regulated livestock and poultry facilities. You can look up locations, animal numbers, construction reviews, and create facility inventory reports. You can also find details about manure management plans production areas, manure storage structures and treatment systems.

+ Facilities Included

The application includes facilities that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency defines as medium or large animal feeding operations.  Generally, Iowa has two types of facilities: confinements (totally roofed) or open feedlots (partially or totally unroofed).  Regulations differ depending on the size, type and age of the facility.

+ Finding a Facility

Click on Search at the top of the AFO application page to search by location or facility characteristics. The fastest way to find a facility is to type in the 5-digit Facility ID number and then click on the “Search” button. If you don’t know the Facility ID, search by facility name or the owner’s name. Search results appear at the bottom of the page.

+ Reports

Click on Reports at the top of the AFO application page to select from the list. Several reports are available and include only data from active facilities.

+ Data Accuracy

The DNR cannot guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the available information. DNR is continually reviewing the data and making improvements when needed. Some of the historic data, such as animal numbers, were collected using a variety of methods and from different sources. Also, with more than 11,000 sites in Iowa changes in each facility's status is not known immediately and may not represent what is occurring right now. Owners who notice inaccurate information should contact their local DNR Field Office to ask for corrections.

+ Benefits of Submitting Online

Since 2018, MMP owners and consultants have benefited from using the online application.

  • Submit the annual short form and payment online.
  • Submit online payment for annual update when a long form is due---paper copy of form still must be submitted.
  • Email automatically sent to owner confirming submittal completed.
  • Email notification reminder sent to owner for upcoming annual update.
  • Email notification automatically sent to county - no in-person delivery needed.
  • MMP owner can designate a consultant to submit/pay on their behalf.
  • Can be done anywhere---computer, tablet, or cell phone.

+ New User Information

Using the application is easy! Be ready to:

  • Create a login ID
  • Enter the secure PIN number the first time
  • Complete the short form and choose from one of three payment methods to pay fees, OR
  • Grant access to your consultant to submit the short form and/or pay fees on your behalf.
  • Download or print your short form and your receipt

Want to Learn More?
Instructions on how to get started and FAQs

If at anytime you have questions, let us help! Contact your respective field office for assistance.

+ Webinar - Learn How to File Online

Learn more from Iowa DNR about a new fast and easy option for filing the annual Manure Management Plans electronically (Short Form). This webinar explains the secure, streamlined process to file the annual updates. It provides valuable information about how to receive your facility’s unique PIN number, create an A&A account, authorize your consultant to file your update and pay the annual compliance fees online.

View these recordings via the Iowa Farm Bureau's website.