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Flood Plain Management Rules & Regulations
+ Chapter 70 – Scope, Definitions, Forms
+ Chapter 71 – Flood Plain or Floodway Development
+ Chapter 72 – Criteria for Approval
+ Chapter 73 – Dams
+ Chapter 74 – Reserved
+ Chapter 75 – Management of Specific Flood Plain
Rulemaking Actions

The Administrative Procedures Act, Iowa Code chapter 17A, requires all state agencies to promulgate rules for the operation of their programs. The rulemaking process increases agencies’ accountability to the public, allows public participation in the formulation of rules, and provides legislative oversight for program operations. 

Below are the recent rulemaking activities that are being considered, have been proposed, or are in the process of being adopted by the DNR for the chapters administered by the Flood Plain Management & Dam Safety section. Many of these proposals are a direct result of the comprehensive five year rule review required by 17A.7(2).

+ Anticipated Rulemakings (have not gone to EPC)
+ Active Rulemakings
+ Finalized Rule Changes