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NPDES Operator Information

Several online resources are available for wastewater treatment plant operators:

Permitting Forms and Reports:

Discharge Monitoring Report Forms
Instructions to obtain permit-specific electronic DMRs from Iowa DNR Field Office Staff, and Instructions for Filing an eDMR. DMRs are also known as Monthly Operation Reports or MORs. All DMRs must be submitted electronically (emailed) to the Iowa DNR Field Offices.

NPDES Application Forms
Paper permit application forms and instructions for individual municipal, industrial, and semipublic NPDES permits.

Bypass Report Form
Within five days of a bypass, a written report describing the bypass must be submitted to the appropriate DNR Field Office. This form can used as the written report.

Treatment Agreements
Information on significant industrial users, treatment agreement requirements, and forms.

Individual NPDES Permit Amendment Online Request Form
Request a permit amendment using a google form. Additional supporting documentation and the amendment fee can be submitted after the Request Form is completed.

Temporary and Limited Degradation Online Request Form
Submit a request for Temporary and Limited Degradation using a google form. Additional supporting documentation can be submitted after the form is completed.

Antidegradation Analysis
Information on antidegradation and how to conduct an antidegradation analysis.

Criteria, Sample Testing, and Laboratory Reporting Information:

Bacteria Sampling
Information on how to sample treated effluent for bacteria, how to calculate a geometric mean, and a geometric mean calculator.

Chloride Fact Sheet
Information on Iowa's chloride water quality standards.

Chloride Limits Toolbox
Guidance and options for meeting chloride limits.

40 CFR Part 136
Link to a pdf version of Table II, Required Containers, Preservation Techniques, and Holding Times, from 40 CFR Part 136.

Certified Laboratories Facility Search
Find a certified laboratory in Iowa using the search function on the State Hygienic Laboratory website.

Operator Certification:

DNR Water/Wastewater Operator Certification
Information on wastewater operator certification, including the operator certification database and training calendar.

View Individual Permits Online:

WWPIE Online Permit System
View current individual permits, draft permits, and draft amendments; sign up for permit issuance notifications; or find out which permit writer is working on the reissuance of a certain individual permit.

Funding for Wastewater Treatment:

Clean Water State Revolving Fund
Information on Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) loans.

Rural Community Sewers
Disadvantaged community qualification information and forms, and information on rural communities and funding options for these communities.

Iowa DNR Wastewater Updates:

Wastewater Listserv
Sign up to receive updates on stakeholder meetings, wastewater rulemaking, general permit reissuances, Clean Water State Revolving Fund intended use plan revisions and meetings, operator trainings, and other news regarding the Iowa DNR's wastewater program.

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NPDES Email Addresses
The NPDES Section accepts mail electronically at the following email address:
Please submit all mail other than permit applications and fees to this email address.

Send all permit applications and other application materials to: