Iowa Outdoors Magazine

Fall 2022

Bald Cardinal
Not much of a looker, but a great singer, despite a periodical total lack of head feathers, this cardinal manages to fend off rivals and woo lady birds to raise families. 
Story by James Zohrer

The Honey War
Shoddy survey work in the early 1800s nearly caused a war between Missouri and Iowa when some honey trees were stolen in present day Lacey-Keosauqua State Park. Find out about the disputed state line and the sweetest war that wasn’t.
Story by Brian Button

Season of Gold
Reflecting on his roots and 30 years in the whitetail woods,see why this author is grateful for each season and opportunity, no matter the outcome. 
Story by EYad Yehyawi; Photos by John Choate

Trout Consortium
An alliance of partners is working to ensure Iowa’s coldwater streams remain healthy and clean with benefits to all Iowans. 
Story by John Chalstrom

Water Unimaginable
Hold your breath and dive deep in the murky, smelly history of Iowa rivers before the Clean Water Act, which celebrates 50 years since passage.
Story by Brian Button

The Fort that Wasn't
Twice in early Iowa history, Pikes Peak State Park was recommended as a fortress to guard U.S. interests in the Upper Mississippi River Valley. It never came to be.
Story by Brian Button

Outdoor Skills
Get tips to best store kayaks during winter, chill out for fall fishing, learn how to keep little kids toasty and prep for hunting season with firearm safety tips. 

Learn how Bloody Run earned its gruesome name, head to Guthrie County and Springbrook State Park for fall wonder and solitude. 

Lost in Iowa
Fall is a busy time outdoors, but at one of Iowa’s largest public areas, Brushy Creek State Recreation Area provides lesser visited respites. Explore its beauty—looking down to see wonderful, colorful plants to lift you up.

Flora and Fauna
Witchhazel is a magical plant, one of the only that blossoms so late when most plants have long lost their leaves. 

Notes from the Field
Millions of waste tires were once piled and dumped across Iowa’s land with detrimental impacts. Find out how those eyesores vanished and how you can help keep Iowa beautiful.

Editorial Mission

We strive to open the door to the beauty and uniqueness of Iowa's natural resources, inspire people to get outside and experience Iowa and to motivate outdoor-minded citizens to understand and care for our natural resources.

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