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Spring 2020

Fishing Forecast
From easy-access, beautiful locations or places to escape the daily grind, use these statewide nooks and crannies to wet a line, relax and recharge.
Story and Photos by Shannon Hafner

Trumpter Swans
Read the story of two special trumpeter swans, and the entire saga of these massive, yet graceful birds and their amazing comeback from near-extinction thanks to aggressive, tireless efforts.
Story and Photos by Kristie Burns

A Hike into the Hollow
For this former naturalist, the rocky places and forests that contain no drivable roads or trails into their interior are "temples of vitality where I go to satisfy my deepest wanderlust." Come along for the journey deep into the forested canyon at Ram Hollow and the algific talus slopes of Pine Creek.
Story and Photos by Brian Gibbs

Hail Storm
Don your waders with DNR fisheries biologists as they weather a surprise hail storm, then read on to learn why rough fish, however, aren't surviving these biologists!
Story by Brian Button, Photos by Ben Wallace

Turkey Chase!
For this avid, experienced bow hunter, opening day for turkeys ends with a foot chase and an open field tackle.
Story by Eyad Yehyawl, Photos by Clayton Worrell and Eyad Yehyawl

Outdoor Skills
Make a simple camp candle lantern in just a few minutes, get early season fishing tips, find out how to repair tent rips to prepare for camping season and after a successful day fishing, use these tips to rid any odors from hands.

Get the new, beautiful book that celebrates Iowa's state park centennial, salivate for morel season with these monster mushrooms, dip up the truth about deep misconceptions of tree roots and see the latest DNR wildlife posters.

Parks 2020
Catch upcoming shindigs to celebrate the parks centennial–from outdoor concerts, hikes and demonstrations to art in the park and camping news.

Notes from the Field
See how this small Iowa town rallied together to protect and clean their drinking water source, create a place of beauty for residents and strengthen community bonds.

Flora and Fauna
The massive and stunningly beautiful cecropia moth is a star both as adult and extravagant caterpillar. But you may never see one as they are mostly nocturnal.


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