Iowa Outdoors Magazine

Fall 2021

Kaleidoscope Journey
Learn of the childhood sight that propels this photographer's fascination with the monarch butterfly, then be prepared to see some of his amazing images.
Story and Photos by Eric Burson

Lessons From the Duck Blind
Bonding between parent and child, dog and master, nature and humanity - ethics and sportsmanship are all by-products of time spent there. "Since childhood, there's been something irresistible about building my own personal and permanent blind," says writer McGrath. But he still hasn't gotten it done.
Story by Stephen McGrath

History and Mystery of the Monkey Brain Tree
The Osage orange gree sdproduces and oversized fruit often called a hedge apple or monkey brain. The tree once was planted into dense hedgerows to keep animals confined before barbed wire. And its fruits were once consumed by woolly mammoth, mastodons and giant sloths.
Story by Dan Magneson

Hunter's Moon
Come late October in southern Iowa- giant whitetails and a cascade of colors are sure to fuel a bowhunter's dreams. Rutting whitetails and cooler weather are signs that autumn has arrived in earnest.
Story and Photos by Eyad Yehyawi

The Ice Shack
A "scrap heap" turned ice shack has yielded fish - but more so, memories with family and friends. Decades later, scribbled words on the interior walls tell the larger story - "Love you Dad. Thanks for making the ice shack."
Story and Photos by Hank Kohler

Outdoor Skills
Learn some fall photography tips and see why "if it quacks like a duck," it's probably a hen! Find out how to protect songbirds from disease spread at backyard feeders and check your fallen acorns for handy panfish bait.

Venture to the Loess Hills of western Iowa for some fall color. Let's prune the myth that all conifers are evergreen. See why food plots of sunflower fields have become hot spots for photos and later attract dove hunters.

Lost in Iowa
See why majestic Maquoketa Caves State Park in Jackson County has attracted visitors from millennia and provides underground adventures for all that tread beneath it.

Flora and Fauna
Find this scrumptious forest fungi for a seafood-like delicacy. Then enjoy the spectacular screaming reds of smooth sumac, which also makes a refreshing drink from its seeds.

Notes from the Field
Get the inside inspiration and details on how DNR environmental and fisheries staff work together in response to chemical spills that cause fish kills.




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