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Since the inception, the Hunter Education Program has been primarily taught by volunteer instructors. Its purpose is to provide a quality program of instruction and training in hunter safety education for the young hunter in Iowa. Some of the program’s objectives are:


  • To teach the safe handling of firearms and archery hunting equipment.
  • To develop respect for the rights of landowners.
  • To provide basic instruction in conservation and wildlife management.
  • To teach game identification.
  • To develop respect for all state and federal hunting and fishing laws.
  • To teach the hunter how to develop a better attitude towards hunting.


Individuals who successfully complete this course are not expected to be expert hunters or marksmen. They are expected to have a better understanding of the responsibilities that go with the use of firearms.

To Become an Instructor 

Volunteer Hunter Education Instructor responsibilities are outlined in the Iowa Administrative Code 572, Chapter 12, Division II & III.

Steps to become a Hunter Education Instructor

  1. Application may be obtained from the local Conservation Officer, Recreational Safety Officer (RSO), or Hunter Education Administrator. Each applicant will also receive a copy of Chapter 12, Division II & III of the Iowa Administrative Code, and an introduction letter explaining the certification process.
  2. Applicant fills out the application and returns it to their respective RSO.
  3. Application is forwarded to the local Conservation Officer in the county in which the applicant resides.
  4. The local Conservation Officer does a background check on the applicant, filling out the information requested on the back of the form, signs and dates the form, and determines whether to recommend the applicant for certification with any comments and returns to the RSO.
  5. If applicant is denied, a letter of denial will be sent to the applicant from the Recreational Safety Programs Supervisor explaining reason for denial.
  6. The applicant must attend an Iowa student hunter education course, or have been certified prior to applying and listed on the database in DNR Headquarters.*
  7. The applicant must attend a new instructor certification workshop conducted by an RSO.*
  8. The applicant must participate in one student hunter education class as an apprentice instructor.*

When the RSO is satisfied that all the requirements have been met, the RSO will change the applicants status in Event Manager to certified and forward the original application with their signature, date, and recommendation for certification to the DNR Headquarters for processing.

DNR Headquarters sends congratulatory letter and plastic instructor certification card to the new instructor. The instructor certification card will expire three years from the date of issuance. Prior to expiration the instructor will be required to attend a minimum of one certified instructor workshop or an approved alternative in a two year period of time to remain active.

*Steps 6,7, and 8 may be completed in any order before certification is complete

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer hunter education instructor or are interested in receiving more information about the certification program please email

Volunteer Hunter Education Instructor Resources

Iowa Administrative Code Chapter 12 - Division II & III

Student Registration Website - To be used to view and register for upcoming classes, instructor workshops, and advanced training opportunities such as Wingshooting Education, Species Specific Seminars, Range Safety Officer Training, etc.

Instructor Class Management Website - To be used only by certified instructors to update their contact information, set up classes, and manage classes.

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Hunter Education Standards

Hunter Education Instructor Update Guide

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