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Operator Certification

Solid Waste Operator Certification

New landfill operators are required to take a 25 hour class prior to examination, and incinerator operators must take a 12 hour class prior to examination. For more information please review the operator certification rules.

An application is required for individuals interested in taking an exam to obtain either a Sanitary Landfill Operator Certificate or Solid Waste Incinerator Operator Certificate.

Continuing Education

To request Landfill Continuing Education course approval, please submit the form below to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources for approval of Contact Hours/Continuing Education Units for licensed landfill operators.

Request for Certified Iowa Municipal Sanitary Landfill Operator CEU

Request for Certified Incinerator Operator CEU

For a list of pre-approved course dates and locations, please contact any of the following:

Other courses may also be eligible with prior approval from the Department.

Current list of CEU's earned to date.

DNR Contact
Becky Jolly

Appliance Demanufacturer Operator Certification

At least one owner or employee of an appliance demanufacturing facility must have a training certificate from a department-approved training course. A person who has completed the department-approved training course must be on site at all times when discarded appliances are being demanufactured. Appliance Demanufacturing Certificate Training information can be found at SCS Engineers. Here are the dates of upcoming trainings:

March 12, 2024

June 11, 2024

September 10, 2024

December 10, 2024

Compost Operator Certification

To be certified, compost operators need to take a Compost Operators Training Course and then complete and return the Compost Facility Operator Application to the Department of Natural Resources. You must also include proof that you took the required course.

Compost Facility Operator Application (542-0026)

Pre-Approved Compost Operators Training Courses are offered by:

Transfer Station Operator Certification

Transfer station operators must be certified by a training program approved by the department such as, but not limited to, the Solid Waste Association of North America’s Managing Transfer Station Systems Training and Certification Course, if the facility is permitted for 20,000 tons or more per year of solid waste.

Pre-Approved Transfer Station Operator Training Courses are also offered by the City of Cedar Falls.

Other courses may also be eligible with prior approval from the Department.