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Private Well Testing

Did you know that if you drink water out of a private water supply, you should test your water source at least once each year and anytime the well is serviced or the water changes in look, smell or taste?

Did you know the contaminants that you should test for can be dependent on where you live in the state? The testing you need will depend on the actual source of your water, the historic and current land use practices, and your specific worries or concerns about your water and your overall health.

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+ Floods and Water Wells
+ Why should I test my water supply?
+ How often should I test my water supply?
+ When is a good time to test my water supply?
+ What should I test for?
+ Who can perform the water sampling?
+ Can any lab perform the water analysis?
+ How do I interpret the laboratory report?
+ What if my water supply is not safe to drink?
+ Can I use a water treatment device?
+ Additional Resources

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