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2023 P2 Intern Program - 12 Week Projects

Anderson Erickson Dairy - Des Moines
Review and analyze the Washout procedures of various processes at the plant to reduce water and energy usage and associated operating costs.

Anderson Erickson Dairy - Des Moines
Identify and eliminate sources of product loss throughout the production processes.

Burke Marketing Corporation - Hormel Foods - Nevada
Conduct a survey of water usage in the production and sanitation processes and assess reduction and potential reuse opportunities at the plant.

CJ Bio America - Fort Dodge
Identify an alternative monitoring system or process that will reduce or eliminate the generation of hazardous waste in the analysis process.

Dee Zee, Inc. - Des Moines
Establish a baseline of energy usage in the automated systems and make recommendations to reduce energy use and associated costs.

JBS Swift Pork - Ottumwa
Investigate heat generating processes and assess recovery and reuse opportunities.

JBS USA, LLC - Marshalltown
Conduct a motor survey and evaluate the benefits and potential impacts of integrating energy efficient methodologies to reduce electrical usage at the facility.

National Carwash Solutions - Grimes
Conduct a comprehensive assessment of the compressed air system and make recommendations to optimize the efficiency and reduce energy usage.

Trelleborg Wheel Systems Americas - Charles City
Conduct an assessment of the boiler and steam system and recommend improvements to optimize the efficiency and reduce associated operating costs.

Tyson Foods Inc. - Hillshire Brands - Storm Lake
Conduct an assessment of targeted process areas to identify source reduction opportunities for the waste streams and utilize P2 methodologies to assist with landfill diversion.

2023 P2 Intern Program - 28 Week Projects

Ajinomoto Health & Nutrition North America, Inc. - Eddyville
A 28-week project to develop digital data collection solutions to improve data processing effectiveness, and utilize the results of the data analysis to reveal process improvements and optimize operating parameters to reduce environmental impacts.