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Assistance Links

Demonstrating the Well Model and the Groundwater Flow Model

Links for Further Assistance

Listed below are various links to websites that are of interest to public water supply systems, certified operators, engineers, and anyone with an interest in drinking water.

Regulatory Links

Iowa Department of Natural Resources

Iowa Geological Survey

Iowa Department of Public Health

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Rules & Statutes


Fire hydrant

Federal Register (published daily)

Code of Federal Regulations (published annually)

Safe Drinking Water Act(through Cornell Law Institute)


Iowa Administrative Bulletin (published bi-weekly)

Iowa Administrative Code: Environmental Protection Commission, Agency 567

  • Public Water Supply Systems: Chapter 40414243
  • DWSRF (Drinking Water State Revolving Loan Fund): Chapter 44
  • Water Use and Allocation: Chapters 505152535455
  • Operator Certification: Chapter 81
  • Environmental Laboratory Certification: Chapter 83

Scientific & Technical Resource Links

Centers for Disease Control

Drinking Water Watch (Disclaimer: The Iowa DNR database query and Drinking Water Watch utilize different sample location fields, therefore the data displayed in Drinking Water Watch may not display the correct sample location.)

10 States Standards (aka Recommended Standards for Water Works) - 2012 Edition

U.S. Geological Service

Weather & Climate

Technical Assistance Providers

Measuring flushing residuals during ice pigging project

Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities (IAMU)

Iowa Rural Water Association (IRWA)

Iowa Section - American Water Works Association (IA-AWWA)


Association of State Drinking Water Administrators (ASDWA)

Iowa Water/Wastewater Agency Response Network ( IOWARN)

Technical Documents

Measuring Water Levels in Wells, December 2016