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Sovereign Lands Construction Permits

This permit program is governed by 571 Iowa Administrative Code chapter 13 which was revised effective April 15, 2009.

These rules are applicable to all fee title lands and waters, dedicated lands and waters under the jurisdiction of the commission and managed by the commission for public access to a meandered sovereign lake or meandered sovereign river; meandered sovereign lakes; meandered sovereign rivers; and sovereign islands; except those portions of the Iowa River and the Mississippi River where title has been conveyed to charter cities.

Any construction on, above, or under state-owned lands and/or waters
must secure a sovereign lands construction permit from the Department in advance of work.

State-owned lands and waters under the jurisdiction of the commission include:
Meandered Sovereign Lakes, Meandered Sovereign Rivers, State Forests, Wildlife Management Areas, State Parks, and State Preserves.

How to apply:

You can apply for a Sovereign Lands permit by going to the new Flood Plain and Sovereign Lands PERMT site and answering a few questions. This application form not only covers the Sovereign Lands permit, but it also covers Flood Plain Approval and the US Army Corps of Engineers 404 Water Quality Permits. Once you click the “Submit” button the application will be submitted to both the Iowa DNR and the US Army Corps of Engineers. After you submit your application you’ll be able to login and track where it’s at in the process and all final documents will be emailed to you when they are available.

PERMT (Permit and Environmental Review Management Tool)

Iowa DNR PERMT website with 24/7 access for your Iowa DNR Flood Plain and Sovereign Lands Permits, Environmental Review Requests, BFE Requests, AFO Determinations, and related work.

Permit and Environmental Review Management Tool

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