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Do you care about the environment and want to make a difference in the world? Do you like to work in an action-oriented, exciting, diverse, high-energy and challenging workplace? If you are a team player, highly productive, accountable with an eye for customer service, then the DNR is the right place for you.

Employment Positions listed below

[Oct 10] Position: Park Ranger, CRD, Parks Forests and Preserves, Palisades Kepler State Park

The Department of Natural Resources has a job opportunity for a Park Ranger at Palisades Kepler State Park in Linn County.

Job number: 23-01082
Location: 700 Kepler Dr, Mount Vernon, Iowa 52314
Hours: hours and shifts as set from SPOC Contract, (May thru September) and occasionally during the rest of the year.
Closing Date: October 10, 2022 – 11:59 p.m.

For specific job duties, requirements, and application information:
Position: Park Ranger, CRD, Parks Forests and Preserves, Palisades Kepler State Park


[Oct 6] Position: Natural Resources Technician 1

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) employs over 850 employees that are dedicated to protecting Iowa’s natural resources and providing citizens recreational opportunities to enjoy them. The Iowa DNR’s mission is to conserve and enhance our natural resources in cooperation with individuals and organizations to improve the quality of life in Iowa and ensure a legacy for future generations. If our mission aligns with your personal goals and you want to work alongside committed and passionate coworkers, then you should consider the Iowa DNR as your next employer.

We currently have a Natural Resources Technician 1 (NRT 1) position that is an integral part of our Fish Culture Research Team. This position contributes to the Iowa DNR’s mission by assisting with applied research that will make Iowa DNR fish hatcheries more efficient, productive, and provide future direction. Increasing productivity at state hatcheries results in more high-quality fish for stocking into public bodies of water for the anglers of Iowa. The primary job duties of the successful candidate are fish culture, buildings, grounds, and equipment maintenance; and data collection and entry. The successful candidate will gain experience with single pass and recirculating aquaculture systems as well as pond culture. Species currently being researched are Walleyes and Muskellunge.

Job number: 23-01034
Location: 15053 Hatchery Place, Moravia, IA 52571
Hours: 40 hour work week. Normal hours are 7:30 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday with participation in a weekend work rotation. Standby duty mandatory, therefore employee must live (or arrange for temporary housing when on standby) within 15 miles of the Rathbun Fish Culture Research Facility. Rotating shifts may be required during broodstock collection/spawning season. Some travel and overnight lodging required.
Closing Date: October 6, 2022 – 11:59 p.m.

For specific job duties, requirements, and application information:
Position: Natural Resources Technician 1, Fish Culture Research Technician


[Oct 3] Position: Environmental Engineer

The Department of Natural Resources has a job vacancy for an Environmental Engineer. The primary job responsibilities for this position are to complete confidential, on-site assessments on behalf of the Pollution Prevention Services’ programs for identified customer groups within industry, hospitals, schools, governments, and commercial facilities; the assessments will focus on industrial processes, mechanical systems and energy efficiency, and will be designed to make recommendations for improvements that eliminate waste and/or reduce energy consumption. The candidate should have the ability to identify, quantify, develop and relay reports related to the findings associate with energy uses and alternative options in the areas of HVAC, air compressors, boilers, lighting, and heat recovery, and the ability to identify opportunities for water reuse and conservation, solid and hazardous waste reductions, as well as energy consumption and emissions reductions. Duties will include the preparation of and/or review of studies, plans, specifications and cost savings estimates for improvements.

Job number: 23-00887
Location: Wallace State Office Bldg., Des Moines, IA 50319
Hours: 8:00 AM-4:30 PM, some travel
Closing Date: October 3, 2022 – 11:59 p.m.

For specific job duties, requirements, and application information:
Position: Environmental Engineer


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Iowa DNR Careers

To conserve and enhance our natural resources in cooperation with individuals and organizations to improve the quality of life in Iowa and ensure a legacy for future generations.

Leading Iowans in caring for our natural resources.

Hiring Motto:
Hire the right person for the right job at the right time!

DNR recognizes and strives to capitalize on the fact that employees are our most valuable resource. DNR seeks to recruit, hire, train, develop and retain the very best employees.

Guiding Principles:
Customer Focus, Long-Term Thinking, Results/Outcome Orientation, Data-Based Decisions, Continuous Improvement, Accountability, Empowerment, Valuing Employees, Mutual Respect, Collaboration, and Integrity

Core Competencies:
Accountability, Integrity, High Productivity, Communication Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Team Player, Customer Focus, and Technical Skills.

Application Preferences:
DNR highly encourages interested applicants to upload a resume and cover letter when applying for all DNR positions through the DAS NEOGOV application system.

DNR Job Classifications

The DNR is a diverse organization with 75 different job classifications.

The number following each job title represents the total number of full-time positions in that classification:

Job Descriptions:
For detailed information regarding these positions, please refer to the job class descriptions found on the DAS website.

Accountant 2 (2)
Accountant 3 (1)
Accounting Clerk 2 (2)
Accounting Technician 2 * (4)
Accounting Technician 3 (1)
Administrative Assistant 1 (8)
Administrative Assistant 2 * (16)
Administrative Sec (1)
Architectual Technician 1 * (1)
Assistant Survey Party Chief (1)
Attorney 2 * (7)
Biometrician (1)
Budget Analyst 3 * (3)
Carpenter 1 (1)
Carpenter 2 (1)
Clerk Advanced (5)
Clerk Specialist (6)
Conservation Officer (80)
Construction Technician (3)
Construction Technician Senior (1)
Construction Technician Supervisor (1)
Custodial Worker (1)
Environmental Engineer (35)
Environmental Engineer Senior * (18)
Environmental Program Supervisor (23)
Environmental Specialist (102)
Environmental Specialist Senior (64)
Executive Officer 1 (6)
Executive Officer 2 (25)
Executive Officer 3 * (4)
Executive Sec (1)
Facilities Engineer 1 * (7)
Facilities Engineer 2 (4)
Facilities Engineer Associate (1)
Facilities Main Coordinator (1)
Forester 2 * (18)
Forester 3 (4)
Geologist Technician (1)
Geologist 2 * (5)
Geologist 3 * (26)
Human Resources Associate * (2)
Information Specialist 1 (1)
Information Specialist 2 (9)
Information Specialist 3 (4)

Information Technology Administrator 2 (1)
Information Technology Administrator 3 (1)
Information Technology Specialist 2 (7)
Information Technology Specialist 3 (3)
Information Technology Specialist 4 (6)
Information Technology Specialist 5 (5)
Information Technology Support Worker 2 (3)
Information Technology Support Worker 3 (3)
Mail Clerk 1 (1)
Maintenance Repairer (1)
Microbiologist (1)
Museum Technician (1)
Natural Resources Biologist (68)
Natural Resources Technician 1 (53)
Natural Resources Technician 2 (75)
Park Manager (34)
Park Ranger (30)
Program Planner 1 (1)
Program Planner 2 (6)
Program Planner 3 (9)
Public Service Executive 2 * (25)
Public Service Executive 3 * (8)
Public Service Executive 4 * (14)
Public Service Executive 5 * (2)
Public Service Executive 6 (1)
Public Service Supervisor 2 (1)
Purchasing Agent 3 * (1)
Purchasing Assistant (1)
Receptionist (2)
Right of Way Agent 2 (1)
Right of Way Agent 3 * (2)
Secretary 1 (6)
Secretary 2 (11)
Statistical Research Analyst 2 (1)
Statistical Research Analyst 3 (2)
Training Specialist 1 (4)
Training Specialist 2 (1)
Typist Advanced (1)
Word Processor 3 (1)

For current permanent job openings at the DNR, visit the State of Iowa Department of Administrative Services and then click on "Job Openings for all applicants," followed by "Search Openings" and then you can then search for DNR listings using Department #542.