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Land donors honored during reception in Des Moines

More than 3,800 acres of Iowa land in 24 counties with an estimated value of nearly $4.8 million was permanently protected through donations for conservation.

The donors associated with over 30 donations of land or land value will be recognized during a ceremony on March 25, from 11:15 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., in the 1st floor rotunda, at the State Capitol, in Des Moines. Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds is scheduled to attend.

Update: In light of the Covid-19 and recommendations set forth by the CDC, as well as the suspension of the legislative session and restricted access to the Capitol, the DNR is cancelling this ceremony.

Donors scheduled to be recognized at this year’s Gift to Iowa Ceremony are encouraged to participate in the 2021 ceremony. A date has yet to be set.

+ Barner, Bret and Carol
+ Becker, Bruce and Tancy
+ Blackburn, Bill and Sara
+ Eastern Iowa Conservation Foundation
+ Fredrickson Farms, Inc.
+ Grammer, Valli Jo
+ Hamilton, Ray and Patti
+ Harris, Cameron and Dawn
+ Hartig, David and Annette (Anne)
+ Humpal, Ron and Karlene
+ Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation
+ Lundie, Bill and Jean Meehan
+ Meier, Michelle and Holly Lester
+ May, Ed
+ Nelson, Karen
+ Okoboji Foundation
+ Pleasant Grove Land Preservation
+ Sisters of St. Francis
+ Union Pacific
+ Watkins, Seth and Christy
+ Zales, Bill and Dorothy