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Youth Hunter Education Program
YHEC… An opportunity for you!
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Whether you are a youth aged 12-18, an adult with a desire to contribute time to your community, a member of an organization/business looking for a youth-oriented project, or if you have an interest in hunting and the outdoors, Iowa YHEC is an opportunity you don't want to miss!

Iowa YHEC-the Youth Hunter Education Challenge-is a weekend-long event that takes place each June. This year the event will be held at Rock Creek Marina and Campground, Camanche, Iowa. Youth from all over Iowa come to compete in 8 events, learn about the outdoors, and have fun with other youth and adults that have similar interests.

The events include four shooting events (archery, muzzleloading rifle, shotgun, and small-bore rifle) and four non-shooting events (wildlife identification, orienteering, hunter safety trail, and written exam). Most youth compete as part of a team of five from their area, but youth can register as individuals, as well. There are two age categories, Junior (ages 12-14) and Senior (ages 15-18).

YHEC June 6, 2020 | Register NOW! [PDF]
Entries will be limited to the first 80 participants submitting this form.
Registration forms must be received by May 6, 2020 (all team members must be named at this time).

Youth Hunter Education Challenge
+ YHEC - General Information

Who can participate?
If you're a youth, aged 12-18 years, have passed a Hunter Education course, and are an Iowa resident, you can register to participate. If you're an adult, there are several ways you can participate. If you are a Hunter Education Instructor, you can put together a team of youth from your area, coach them, and bring them to the event. You may serve as a coach or an assistant coach. You may volunteer to help put on the event: it takes nearly 50 adult volunteers to set up and conduct all the events! You may have a special skill to demonstrate to the youth participants during an evening or other program time. (For example, hunting dog training, trapping, care of game in the field, etc.)

You may also want to donate to the event to reduce the cost for participants. All donors of $250 or more are recognized on the YHEC t-shirts if donations are received in time. It takes a lot of volunteers, time, money, and effort to put on this exciting event-become a part of it!

Where do I send checks?
The Iowa Hunter Education Instructor Association (IHEIA) has volunteered to oversee the YHEC Account and will be responsible for collecting registration fees and donations on behalf of the co-sponsors for this year’s event.

PO Box 854
Des Moines, IA 50304

How do I get more information?
To get a copy of the event rules and registration materials or to just find out more, you may talk to the Iowa DNR Recreational Safety Officer (RSO) in your area or contact us at the address located within the sidebar.
Information for New Coaches

+ Hunter Responsibility Exam
+ Hunting/Wildlife Identification Challenge
+ Hunter Safety Trail Challenge
+ Hunting Archery Challenge
+ Hunting Orienteering Skills Challenge
+ Hunting Shotgun Challenge
+ Hunting Muzzleloader Challenge

June 6, 2020
Rock Creek Marina and Campground,
Camanche, Iowa
2020 Registration
2020 Registration

Recreational Safety Officers:
NW IA: Marty Eby, 712-260-1036

NE IA: Pat Jorgensen, 319-240-8640 
SE IA: Terry Nims, 563-357-1812 
North Central: Jeff Barnes, 515-290-4907 
South Central: Allen Crouse, 515-238-4955

For more information:
Loren Zaruba

Iowa YHEC is sponsored by: Iowa Department of Natural Resources, Iowa Hunter Education Instructor Association, Clinton County Conservation, and Clinton County YHEC Coaches.