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NPDES Pesticides General Permit (GP #7)

In accordance with federal Clean Water Act requirements, the NPDES section developed a general permit that authorizes the discharge of biological pesticides and chemical pesticides that leave a residue from point sources to waters of the United States. The permit covers discharges resulting from the application of pesticides to control aquatic nuisance insects and animals, weeds, algae, bacteria, fungi, fish parasites, and forest canopy pests.

Please note that while the Pesticides General Permit (PGP, General Permit #7, or GP7) provides coverage under the federal Clean Water Act, there are also separate state-based requirements for applying pesticides to public waters. These state requirements must also be followed, and the rules can be found in the Iowa Administrative Code at 571 IAC Chapter 54.

Renewal of the Pesticides General Permit

The current version of GP7 will expire on May 17, 2021. The Environmental Protection Commission (EPC) has adopted a final rule (ARC 5284C) to renew the permit for a third five-year term. Changes to the permit include formatting and other minor revisions to simplify existing language and improve clarity. The permit’s definition for “Waters of the United States” has also been updated to reference the June 22, 2020, federal definition. This is the effective date of the final Navigable Waters Protection Rule published by the U.S. EPA.

The renewed version of GP7 will become effective on May 18, 2021.

Questions regarding the renewal can be directed to Melinda McCoy via email at melinda.mccoy@dnr.iowa.gov or by phone at 515-725-8402.

Current Pesticides General Permit

The first version of GP7 became effective March 30, 2011. GP7 was reissued on May 18, 2016 and remains effective until May 17, 2021. Please note, Notices of Intent (NOIs) are not required for coverage under the reissued general permit.

Please see the links below for more information concerning GP7 and the waterbodies referenced in the permit.

For questions about the Pesticides General Permit, please contact the DNR staff listed below.

Wendy Hieb, wendy.hieb@dnr.iowa.gov, 515-808-3039

Melinda McCoy, melinda.mccoy@dnr.iowa.gov, 515-725-8402

Pesticide Discharge to Class C Waters (Drinking Water)

The Pesticides General Permit requires you to obtain prior authorization from the Iowa DNR for pesticide discharges near shallow wells and to Class C (drinking) waters.

In order to request authorization, you will need to complete and submit a Class C Waters Form at least ninety days prior to the planned pesticide application. 

For questions about the Class C Waters form, please contact Michael Anderson, michael.anderson@dnr.iowa.gov, 515-725-0336, in the the Iowa DNR Water Supply section.