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Iowa's Mobile App

Did you know we have a new mobile app, Go Outdoors IA? You can now sync your hunting and fishing licenses on the app to show in the field. Just download the app and log in to sync.

In addition to purchasing licenses at dealer locations or online, customers may download the public mobile app for iPhone and Android devices to purchase and access their license information no matter where they are.

The mobile app will offer an additional legal means of carrying one’s licenses in the field as well as allow users to e-check game regardless if there is a cellular reception. Users may store multiple customers’ documents and e-checks (ex: family members) on one device.

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Go Outdoors Iowa - Licensing System

The DNR’s new hunting and fishing license system, Go Outdoors Iowa, is now available! The new system makes it easier and more convenient for the public to get hunting and fishing licenses, manage your profile information, apply for controlled hunts, and report harvests.

Once you complete a purchase through the new system, you'll have the opportunity for auto-renew. This is a feature that allows you to automatically renew any applicable licenses/permits when they are about to expire using a stored payment method. If you choose to enroll, you will receive an email notifying that your eligible licenses will be renewed using Auto Renew 10 days prior to the expiration date.

You may adjust your auto-renew settings (including stored payment) any time before your license(s) expires through your customer profile. Note that eligibility to participate in the auto-renew program varies by license type, and many hunting licenses with special rules or a season quota may not be eligible for auto-renew.


Yes. You can find your closest license retailer:

Find a Vendor Near You


Go to From there, provide your Date of Birth, Last Name, and Last Four Digits of your Social Security Number to log in or create your customer account.

If you have purchased an Iowa fishing or hunting license or hunting application before, this will bring you to your customer home page. If you are new to the system, you will be required to create an account by completing the customer information form. Once complete, you will be redirected to your customer home page.


Providing a social security number has always been required to purchase a fishing or hunting license in Iowa. Pursuant of Federal Law, we are required to collect this information for the purposes of child support collection enforcement. Your information is secure, confidential, and will not be shared.

When you purchase a license and/or permit through the system, you'll have the opportunity to upgrade to a durable card for $5. This optional, durable card is a valid form of proof of purchase that will not be damaged by water, sun, dirt, or regular wear and tear like the traditional paper document. The card is made of credit card-like material that contains your customer and license information on one side, and features artwork from Iowa artists on the other side.


Website: Once you log in, click on the “Harvest Reporting” image tab. Select the “Report” button next to the intended harvest report form based on harvested species. Complete the form and click the “Submit” button.

Mobile App: Download the Mobile App, GoOutdoorsIowa and log in with your credentials. Tap the “Harvest Report” square. Tap the intended harvest report form, complete the form, and tap submit. Note: You may use this functionality regardless if you have cellular service. The app will automatically sync once you return to service, and law enforcement will accept a harvest report on your phone as a valid check.


The Iowa DNR now offers a GoOutdoorsIowa mobile app for iPhone and Android devices. The app will allow you to purchase and access your license information, no matter where you are. You may download multiple customer licenses to offer one secure digital license document location for families, groups, and more.

This will also be a legal means of carrying your licenses in the field. In addition to storing multiple customers’ documents, you are able to complete e-check forms through the app, regardless if there is a cellular connection. The app will automatically sync when it returns to service. Hunters will still need to carry printed deer and turkey paper tags with them while hunting.


Iowa's Collector's Card

Fishing version of collector card


When you purchase a license and/or permit through the system, you may be asked if you would like to upgrade to a durable card for $6. This optional, durable card is a valid form of proof of purchase that will not be damaged by water, sun, dirt, or regular wear and tear like the traditional paper document. The card is made of credit card-like material that contains your customer and license information on One2 side, and features arTwo2rk from Iowa artists on the other side.


The card costs $6 and the customer can choose between the different designs offered.

The artist designs will change each year.

If a customer chooses to purchase a hard card, it will be mailed to the license holder.

Approximately 5 – 7 days. Customers will get a paper print out of their license(s) so they can still hunt and fish immediately after purchase.

The customer can pay the $6 fee for the hard card and have their lifetime license printed on the hard card and mailed to them.

No, the hard card will need to be re-purchased each year to reflect whichever licenses the customer purchase. The customers can purchase the hard card at any vendor that sells hunting and fishing licenses.

The new license won't appear on the hard card. The customer will need to carry both the hard card AND the new license(s) separately, unless the customer purchases a new hard card.

Not at this time. Any active licenses the customer holds at the time of purchasing the hard card will be printed on the hard card. However, customers may order one of each design if desired.

If I lose my license(s), do I have to purchase a duplicate of my license(s) before I purchase the hard card?

No, customers can choose to either purchase paper replacements of their lost license(s) or can pay $5 and have all of their current license(s) printed for them on a hard card.

Yes, the hard cards can be purchased as a gift for someone other than the buyer.


For further questions, call: 515-725-8200


  • Purchase and view / print your licenses & permits
  • Submit harvest reports and check quotas
  • View and Manage Your Customer Account


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About the Artist - Bruce Gordon

DNR’s collector’s card artist, Bruce Gordon, is an active hunter and angler. To research the bass image, Bruce did some pond diving to observe the appearance of lily pads from below the surface of the water. As for his pheasant design, Bruce recalls acting almost as a bird dog on pheasant hunts as a child when he was too young to carry a gun, and his reverence for the “king of game” in northern Iowa persists to this day.

Find more of his work at

Bruce Gordan

About the Artist - Tomas Miller

Tomas Miller, born in 1957 in Des Moines, lost both of his parents by the time he reached age 17. "I had to grow up fast and focused on the outdoors--trapping, hunting, fishing and outdoors everything," he says. He graduated high school with a failing grade in art. He was undeterred. "After that I painted enthusiastically, donating hundreds of original paintings to various conservation organizations for fundraisers and raising many thousands of dollars."

Since then he has gone on to win many artist of the year awards for conservation groups, including Ducks Unlimited and has designed duck stamps, habitat stamps and trout stamps as well. In 2010, he studied under Canadian nature artist Robert Bateman, then completed three paintings for friends before setting his brushes aside. In 2019, he picked them up again, and has been painting ambitiously since.

Tomas Miller

About the Artist - Larry Zach

Larry Zach’s art is characterized by lifelike scenes and stunningly accurate wildlife. He spent his childhood days exploring the outdoors surrounding his family farm overlooking the Iowa River in southeast Iowa. The featured artwork titled Dream Bucks II - The Missing Trophy, is the second image in his Dream Bucks series, which features some of the world’s most impressive whitetails. Larry says the images of these giant trophies will fill your hunting dreams long after you close your eyes goodnight!

Find more of his work at

Larry Zach